Listen to the experts

While there are some who continue to pooh-pooh the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers here and all around us keep telling us that it's something to be serious about.
A local physician, Dr. Glenn Skow, talked about the local increases during Monday's meeting of the Vandalia City Council in urging residents to take the pandemic seriously.
We've heard people say that they go to Effingham County and everyone there is wearing face coverings, and Greenville Schools moved back their starting date due to the pandemic. North of us, the number of cases, like in Fayette County, are on the rise.
"We have the means to curb this right now, not tomorrow when we are forced to close businesses again, schools, again, or when unemployment subsequently rises, or it's a death toll continues to climb, but right now," Skow said during the council meeting.
"And we do that by wearing masks and keeping our distance from others."
We're seeing people of all ages succumbing to the virus, with a number of them having no existing medical conditions. That should help to confirm that this is something serious.
Many fear that we will once again see a widespread shutdown in the area and in the state. That looks to be a strong possibility, and should serve as a warning that we need to keep our distance and mask up when we are around others.

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