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Letter to the Editor

A red asterisk denotes a required field and must be filled in.

The Leader Union welcomes letters on topics of general interest. All must carry the name and town of residence of the writer. Writers must include their daytime telephone number. The telephone number will be used for verification only and will not be published. Unsigned letters will not be published. Letters submitted by organizations must include the signature of the president or another officer.

Letters should be brief and to the point. Letters should not exceed 250 words. In all cases the editor reserves the right to edit letters for space, style and content.

The right is reserved to reject any letter—in whole or in part—including those determined potentially libelous. No acknowledgment of unused letters will be made. A writer may not submit more than one letter to the Leader Union per month. Letters by the same writer that repeat an issue previously written about will not be published.

All letters should be received by 5 p.m. Monday for consideration in each week’s issue.


Letter to the Editor
(Limit 250 words).