Parents need to know about Kik

A trial last week in Fayette County called attention to a cellular phone app that parents need to be aware of.
Throughout the trial for Shelby Weston, the app Kik was mentioned numerous times.
Weston is awaiting a verdict on charges of grooming, traveling to meet a minor and child pornography, and the Kik app is a key point in that trial.
Kik is a messaging app something that's similar to texting that is popular among teens and tweens, .
The terms of service stipulate that the app cannot be used by children under the age of 13, but there is not age verification. It also has no parental controls.
In an online article on, Shannon Younger of Between Us Parents pointed out that has Kik among "The 8 Worst Apps for Your Kids." says the app "has more to do with young teens flirting and sexting than just keeping in touch with friends."
That was apparently what happened in the Weston case, with testimony given about explicit language and photos being exchanged with a female who was 16 years old at the time."
In her article, Younger states that Kik "can be dangerous for kids, with sexual predators using Kik to request naked photos or inquire about a tween user's sexual experience."
Testimony in the Weston case included just that.
Kik is just one more thing that parents need to be aware of as they protect their children.

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