Nothing perfect for schools

It's a no-win situation for school officials as they struggle to determine which is the best course to follow as a new school year begins.
Their options include a normal return to school; remote learning, as was done at the end of the last school year; or a mix of those two.
The problem is that there is still so much that is unknown about the coronavirus and so many opinions on how we should act when interacting with others.
It's understandable that families are either upset that their children will be required to wear masks at school, while other families want a normal return to school days, and others yet are unhappy about requiring students to do some of their learning at home.
Let's remember that school officials are in the same boat – they aren't making their decisions based on what they prefer; they, for a number of reasons, have to rely on the guidance given to them by state school and health officials.
The new school year is going to be unlike anything any of us have ever experienced. It's going to require a lot of patience and understanding from everyone.

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