Tourist Center needs some love

A group of local ladies working at Vandalia's Tourist Information Center on Monday night made a dent in the work needed at the facility. But, it's just a dent.
The center now has a new roof, which was badly needed, and the women rid the building of a whole bunch of weeds.
But, walking up the steps and around the deck of the building, you will see that there a considerable amount of work needed on the exterior.
Some of the steps up to the building are in really bad shape, and wood on some of the exterior walls is pulling away from the structure.
Hopefully, the city has some plans for making the needed improvements, as this is the front door for the tourists that we work to bring to Vandalia.
After all, imagine you travel to a city that proudly states its rich history and being afraid to walk up the steps of the building where you need to get the information needed to make your trip worthwhile.

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