Sexting causes moral, legal issues

Sending a sexual text message that include an inappropriate photo can cause all kinds of problems, especially when the parties involved are underage teens.
As students at Vandalia Community High School learned last Thursday, nude photos of underage teens are considered child pornography, and both those sending and receiving them are subject to criminal prosecution.
And, as students learned during Thursday's presentation, such messages sent by cell phone can even result in something much worse – the recipient of a photo can pass it along to many, many others. The end result in such cases has been harassment and embarassment, sometimes to the extent that subjects of such photos have committed suicide.
Fayette County State's Attorney Joshua Morrison reminded students that once a message or photo is sent from a cell phone, nothing can be done to undo it.
In general, that's something for our youth to remember, whether that be using their cell phones or doing something else that can't be wiped away.
"The decisions you make now will affect you the rest of your life, positively or negatively." Morrison told the students.
Hopefully, that message, too, cannot be easily forgotten or wiped away.


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