State tax cut would be big hit to the city

As he prepares to address the state's long-running financial problems, new Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has said that everyone will not like his actions and that many will suffer. That's certainly the case for the city of Vandalia.
One of Rauner's proposals is to cut in half the state income tax traditionally given to municipalities. In Vandalia's case, that would mean a loss of close to $350,000.
To help you understand what kind of a loss that would be to Vandalia's general fund, Executive Secretary LaTisha Paslay said that in the last fiscal year for city administration was $437,000 and the city clerk's budget was $370,697.
So, basically, losing that kind of state money would be the equivalent of wiping out a major city department.
How would the city handle such a loss? Surely, the cutting of staff would have to be one of the major considerations, along with the cutting of some city services.
You know how the city's public works department gets out in the middle of winter storms to clear streets, and stays out till the roads are clear? That could be a thing of the past.
It will be interesting to see how the state's legislators handle this proposal.
It's hard to envision such cuts being made, at least to that extent, but at this point, it's something that municipal officials have to consider as they begin drafting their next budgets.

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