Neighbors lend a hand in Bluff City cleanup

The Good Samaritans began appearing shortly after the freight-train noise of last Tuesdays storm headed for the county line. And they didn’t leave until the cleanup was complete.

That very localized, but potent, storm roared through Vandalia, hit Bluff City with a vengeance and moved on to the east. In its wake, it left a path of downed trees and thankfully generally minor damage to houses.

But the striking thing about the event was not the storm itself; it was the response of the people of Fayette County to that storm. Almost immediately, neighbor came to the aid of neighbor bringing tractors, chain saws, pickup trucks and a willingness to do whatever needed to be done to help those impacted by the storm.

For some, it meant taking a day off work on Wednesday to help with the cleanup. For some individuals and businesses, it meant making their equipment available for cleanup efforts. And for others, it meant just spending time with neighbors to give them support as they tried to put their lives back together.

Sure, the highway department and utilities had workers there because thats their job. But the most people cleaning up Bluff City were just regular citizens. They were there because thats just what you do when friends and family members need help.

It was yet another reminder of the special kind of people who live in Fayette County.


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