Wall vandalism is unacceptable

As noted in two letters to the editor, printed elsewhere on this page, the Veterans Wall at the Crawford-Hale American Legion Home in Vandalia has been the target of vandals recently.

Though no form of vandalism makes sense, this one is especially disturbing. In a time when patriotism runs high and our society honors the sacrifices of our men and women who have served or are serving in the military, it’s baffling that anyone would feel the need to deface a monument such as the wall.

Perhaps it’s a beef someone has with the military. Perhaps it’s random anger at society in general. Or perhaps it’s just stupidity.

Whatever the cause, such damage is unacceptable. We’ve expressed similar sentiments in response to the senseless vandalism to Lincoln Park in downtown Vandalia.

And we have a similar recommendation: take steps to identify the people responsible for the damage and prosecute them vigorously.

It’s not just somebody having a little fun. It’s a symptom of someone who hasn’t yet learned to respect the property of others. They need to learn that lesson.


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