Vandals have tough time in shootout

The Vandals closed the home portion of the summer season with just one win last Thursday and Friday in the final Vandal Shootout.

Vandalia beat St. Elmo/Brownstown, 59-41, in pool play for its lone victory. The Vandals lost to Litchfield, 34-25, in the first round of the tournament, after having won the first round game in the three previous events this summer.

Vandalia finished the final shootout at 1-6, and closed the summer at 9-23.

Nashville topped Princeton, Ind., 32-13 to win the final shootout.

Other winners during the summer were: Dwight, Fairfield and Mt. Carmel.

Breese Central, St. Joseph-Ogden and Olney each had the best winning percentage of .889 (8-1), while Nashville and Fairfield tied for the most wins overall, with 15. Also in double-digit wins were Flora and Mt. Carmel, with 12.

Combined, 44 teams played 214 games at the four schools in Vandalia's district.


VANDALIA – Rising senior Collin Nestleroad scored in double figures for the fifth time in the fourth Vandal Shootout, but Hillsboro took control of the game with a 9-0 run late in the first half to beat Vandalia, 55-40.

Hillsboro led by nine before the scoring run. The Vandals twice got back within 11 in the second half of their last pool play game.

Nestleroad scored the first five points of the second half, and had Vandalia’s first nine points of the half. He finished the game with 15.

Hillsboro got three dunks from Dylan Miller, the tallest player in the South Central Conference, and had several scoring runs of 6-0 or 7-0 to build and maintain its lead.

Rising sophomore Richie Well added seven points for the Vandals, hitting two 3-pointers and a free throw during the second half.

Also scoring were: rising freshmen Garrett McNary and Nathan Casey (five), rising freshman Marcus Zimmerman (four), and rising senior Austin Durbin and rising sophomore Kelly Jones (two).


VANDALIA – There were seven lead changes in the first 10 minutes of last Friday’s pool play game between Vandalia and St. Elmo/Brownstown.

But after rising sophomore Richie Well made a 3-pointer to break a 14-14 tie, the Vandals would slowly pull away before making a late push in a 59-41 victory, their first of the fourth Vandal Shootout.

Neither team made a serious scoring run until the Vandals used a 6-0 spurt halfway through the second half. Vandalia put away the game with a 9-0 run late in the second half.

Well led the game with 15 points, while rising Collin Nestleroad and rising freshman Nathan Casey each added 11.

The Vandals had a four-point possession early in the first half, but SEB recovered and tied the game at eight on a 3-point play by rising junior Malachi Maxey, who led the Eagles with 13 points, all in the first half.

Five straight lead changes would follow before the Vandals began to pull away.

Rising sophomore Kain DuFaux scored eight points for Vandalia, and rising sophomore Kelly Jones added seven.


VANDALIA – Vandalia hit six 3-pointers, but Mt. Carmel used its height to dominate the paint and beat the Vandals 66-40 last Thursday in the final game of day one.

Mt. Carmel used a 14-0 run in the first half – with all but two of the points coming on layups – to take control of the game. The Golden Aces scored 48 points in the first half, also getting a 9-0 run and two 6-0 runs.

Rising sophomore Kain DuFaux paced Vandalia’s offense, scoring 16, and rising sophomore Kelly Jones added eight.

Also scoring for the Vandals were: rising sophomore Richie Well (six), rising freshman Marcus Zimmerman (four), and rising freshmen Garrett McNary and Nathan Casey (three).

Each player who scored made one 3-pointer.


VANDALIA – An 8-0 run gave the Vandals the lead in the first half of last Thursday’s pool play game against Arcola at the fourth Vandal Shootout.

That lead wouldn’t hold up, however, as Arcola inched its way back in the second half to come away with a 57-56 win.

The Vandals lost the lead with 8:17 left to play, and were able to force ties at 44 and 48. Arcola, however, used a 7-0 burst and made most of its free throws down the stretch to get the win.

A 3-pointer by rising sophomore Richie Well went in with one second left on the clock, but the Vandals were unable to steal the inbounds pass after calling a timeout.

Rising senior Collin Nestleroad paced the offense with 18 points – 13 of which came in the first half – and Well scored 13.

Rising freshman Nathan Casey added three of Vandalia’s seven 3-pointers for nine points, while rising sophomore Kain DuFaux scored seven, rising sophomore Kelly Jones scored five and rising senior Austin Durbin scored four.

Well and Casey hit back-to-back 3s in Vandalia’s 8-0 run that put the team ahead, 18-12. Arcola cut that lead in half over the last 5:07 of the first half and trailed 27-24 at halftime.

Vandalia’s lead grew to eight during the second half, but Arcola outscored the Vandals, 16-6, over a span of 7:30 to take the lead.


VANDALIA – Harrisburg closed the first half on a 10-0 run to take the lead and continued cruising to an easy victory in the second half of last Thursday’s pool play game against Vandalia.

Harrisburg outscored the Vandals 30-15 in the second half of a 62-38 win at the fourth Vandal Shootout.

Vandalia led for the first 10 minutes – including a seven-point advantage 2:12 into the game – and after a couple of ties, retook a 23-22 advantage on a layup by rising sophomore Kain DuFaux.

Harrisburg, however, would score 10 straight points over the final three minutes of the half, and later used an 11-0 run to extend the lead into double figures.

Rising senior Collin Nestleroad scored 12 of his team-high 13 points in the first half, and rising sophomore Richie Well made a 3-pointer early in each half.

Also scoring for Vandalia were: rising senior Austin Durbin and rising freshman Nathan Casey (five), DuFaux (four) rising sophomore Kelly Jones (three) and rising freshman Marcus Zimmerman (two).


VANDALIA – The Vandals surrendered a 19-0 run in the first half of the opening game of the fourth Vandal Shootout, allowing Marshall all it needed to take the victory in last Thursday’s contest.

The Lions kept the Vandals off of the board for a six-minute stretch in the first half, sank 11 3-pointers and made eight second-chance layups in a 72-51 win.

Marshall added an 8-0 run later in the first half, and opened the second half on a 9-0 run that gave the Lions a 51-18 lead.

Rising senior Collin Nestleroad and rising sophomore Kain DuFaux led the Vandals with 16 points, both scoring in double figures in the second half, as the Vandals fell three points short of doubling their first-half scoring output.

Also scoring for the Vandals were: rising senior Austin Durbin (six), rising freshman Nathan Casey (five), rising sophomore Richie Well (four), and rising freshman Preston Ruckman and rising sophomore Kelly Jones (two).


Nashville topped Princeton, Ind., in the championship of the tournament portion of the fourth Vandal Shootout last Friday.

Results of the fourth Vandal Shootout follow.

Pool Play
Thursday, June 26
•Harrisburg 52, Arcola 44
•Marshall 72, Vandalia 51
•Hillsboro 35, SEB 30
•Fairfield 69, Vandalia JV 24
•Flora 57, Litchfield 47
•Nashville 49, Putnam County 29
•St. Anthony 42, Princeton 41
•Harrisburg 63, Vandalia 48
•Marshall 57, Arcola 40
•Mt. Carmel 32, SEB 30
•Fairfield 57, Putnam County 43
•Flora 59, St. Anthony 54
•Litchfield 53, Princeton 47
•Arcola 57, Vandalia 56
•Marshall 49, SEB 34
•Mt. Carmel 60, Hillsboro 42
•Fairfield 48, Nashville 38
•Princeton 63, Flora 60
•St. Anthony 61, Litchfield 52
•Harrisburg 54, SEB 27
•Mt. Carmel 66, Vandalia 40
•Marshall 51, Hillsboro 39
•Nashville 63, Flora 53
•Fairfield 58, Litchfield 48
•Putnam County 47, St. Anthony 46
•Harrisburg 59, Mt. Carmel 57
•Arcola 46, Hillsboro 18
•Putnam County 52, Vandalia JV 26
•Nashville 40, Princeton 30

Friday, June 27
•Fairfield 47, St. Anthony 36
•Nashville 49, Litchfield 20
•Flora 42, Putnam County 32
•Harrisburg 54, Marshall 42
•Vandalia 59, SEB 41
•Mt. Carmel 40, Arcola 38
•Nashville 44, St. Anthony 36
•Litchfield 57, Vandalia JV 45
•Princeton 52, Fairfield 50
•Hillsboro 55, Vandalia 40
•Marshall 61, Mt. Carmel 55
•Flora 46, SEB 41
•Putnam County 48, Princeton 42
•Nashville 57, Arcola 38
•Harrisburg 32, Hillsboro 23

First round
•Litchfield 34, Vandalia 25
•Mt. Carmel 30, St. Anthony 14
•Putnam County 36, Marshall 32
•Arcola 23, SEB 15
•Flora 29, Hillsboro 19
•Princeton def. Harrisburg by forfeit
•Mt. Carmel 31, Litchfield 16
•Princeton 32, Flora 22
•Fairfield 34, Arcola 22
•Nashville 34, Putnam County 17
•Nashville 35, Mt. Carmel 14
•Princeton 28, Fairfield 25
•Nashville 32, Princeton 13


Results of the third Vandal Shootout, which was held last Monday and Tuesday.

Pool Play
Monday, June 23
•Vandalia 49, Goreville 47
•Riverton 48, Paris 38
•St. Joe-Ogden 54, Benton 37
•SEB 74, Vandalia JV 27
•GSW 47, Altamont 37
•CPP 53, Cumberland 26
•Olney 62, Dwight 35
•Riverton 38, SEB 25
•Paris 52, Goreville 41
•SJO 61, Mascoutah 34
•GSW 38, Cumberland 29
•Olney 57, Altamont 52
•Dwight 49, Vandalia 21
•Riverton 36, Goreville 26
•SJO 64, Paris 37
•Mascoutah 36, Benton 34
•CPP 43, SEB 23
•Dwight def. Altamont
•Olney 41, GSW 35
•SJO 53, Vandalia 26
•Mascoutah 57, Riverton 41
•Benton 57, Paris 45
•CPP 58, Altamont 30
•GSW 36, SEB 20
•Olney 34, Cumberland 29
•Mascoutah 54, Vandalia 47
•Benton 57, Goreville 34
•Cumberland 46, Vandalia JV 17
•CPP 54, Dwight 37

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
•Olney 45, SEB 41
•GSW 61, CPP 59
•Cumberland 47, Altamont 42
•Paris 41, Vandalia 40
•SJO 65, Riverton 37
•Mascoutah 41, Goreville 27
•Olney 47, CPP 33
•GSW 39, Vandalia JV 26
•Dwight 37, SEB 34
•Riverton 48, Benton 44
•Paris 44, Mascoutah 41
•SJO 60, Goreville 23
•Dwight 51, Cumberland 29
•CPP 54, Altamont 46
•Vandalia 39, Benton 28

First round
•GSW 27, Mascoutah 25
•Olney 29, Riverton 24
•CPP 37, Cumberland 31
•Dwight 23, Paris 15
•Altamont 32, Goreville 28
•Vandalia 24, SEB 20
•SJO 32, GSW 19
•Olney 31, Vandalia 26
•Dwight 13, CPP 8
•Benton 28, Altamont 26
•SJO 24, Olney 20
•Dwight 20, Benton 9
•Dwight 30, SJO 21

Vandalia rising sophomore Kelly Jones battles for a rebound last Friday during a win against St. Elmo/Brownstown during the fourth Vandal Shootout.

SEB rising junior Malachi Maxey drives through the Vandalia defense for a layup.

Vandalia rising senior Collin Nestleroad scores on a layup against Marshall.

St. Elmo/Brownstown rising junior Brock Oberlink looks to pass around a defensive double-team.

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