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Annual volleyball tournament is Saturday at VCHS, junior high

The 27th annual Vandalia Volleyball Tournament will be held this Saturday, Sept. 18 at the high school and junior high gymnasiums.

Eight teams will be participating, in two pools. Pool A, which will play at the high school, consists of Vandalia, South Central, Lebanon, and Decatur Eisenhower. In Pool B, which will play at the junior high, consists of New Athens, East Alton-Wood River (EAWR), Carlyle and Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City (CHBC).


Times for the games, at the respective schools are:

9 a.m. – Vandalia vs. Lebanon and CHBC vs. Carlyle

10 a.m. – South Central vs. Eisenhower and New Athens vs. EAWR

11 a.m. – Vandalia vs. South Central and Carlyle vs. New Athens

noon – Lebanon vs. Eisenhower and CHBC vs. EAWR

1 p.m. – Vandalia vs. Eisenhower and New Athens vs. CHBC

2 p.m. – South Central vs. Lebanon and EAWR vs. Carlyle

These round robin games will use a 30 point cap. With third games being played to 15 points, with a 20 point cap. Game times are as listed, not warm-up time.

Place games will have no caps on them and all games will be regulation 25 points.

3 p.m. –

3rd/4th place (A2 vs. B2) at high school

7th/8th place (A4 vs. B4) at junior high

4 p.m. –

Championship game (A1 vs. B1)

5th/6th place (A3 vs. B3)

Tiebreakers will be determined in the following order: head-to-head, least games played, least points scored by opponents, then finally a coin toss.