The Light of the World warms us, drives out sin

In the Bible, we are presented with the history of light. “God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.”
At the Creation, God, the Creator, said, “Let there be light,” and at his word there was light. Light in all its fullness broke into time, and history focused on the life, death and personality of the Light of the World – Jesus. the Christ. Jesus dispelled the darkness from the tomb, and revealed the great and glorious light beyond the tomb.
The Holy Spirit enlightens and brings light to the heart and the minds of mankind. The Holy Trinity involves the three-fold manifestation of the light.
When we return to Bethlehem, we witness the lack of external trappings of life.
It helps us to realize that we can’t explain Jesus on an earthly and human level by His inheritance or by His surroundings.
Nevertheless, there is a star, an external light at Bethlehem, to remind us that there in the monger was a heavenly divine light – The Light of the World.
I have personally seen the lights of some of our nation’s largest cities – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. – at night. The millions of lights create an awesome, inspiring sight against the background of darkness.
But all the millions of lights, if left burning during daylight hours, would be blotted out by the brilliant light of the sun
Our eyes are incapable of lookin directly at the sun. Its brilliance would certainly blind us. We can only see the light of the sun as it is reflected on objects such as trees, and peoples, and the moon.
We can look at the night lights of a big city, but we cannot look of the sun’s light, because the sun is too great and to bright for us.
We cannot see the Light of the World – our physical limitations make it impossible for us to see the Light. The Holy Spirit must enlighten us, if we are to see Jesus, the Light of the World.
Think of a painting in a dark corner of an art museum that  had been painted in dark colors. When the bright rays of sunlight fall upon it, the painting suddenly breaks forth with its scene of life. There was really nothing wrong with the painting, except for its absence of light to see it properly in its dark surroundings.
The same is true of us. What we need is for the Holy Spirit to turn the “Son’s light” upon us, so that we can see the Light.
When we pray, we need to place ourselves in the presence of God. It is during this time, when we place our hearts and minds in the presence of God, that we come closest to the presence of God.
The Light of the World warms our hearts, just as the light of the sun warms of bodies. Likewise, the Light of the World drives sin out of our lives, just as the sun drives away germs and disease out of our bodies.
Through the Holy Spirit, our minds and hearts are illumined by our personal relationship with the Light of the World. The Holy Trinity is not hidden from our presence. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are with us all the time, waiting for us to invite them to enter into our lives. May we all see the Light and seek to walk daily with Jesus, the Light of the World.

Rev. Robert Fransicso First Christian Church

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