Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
God was with us again at Evergreen Outreach – he never fails! We welcomed everyone with a bit of music from the “Down by the River to Pray” CD.
It was very good to get FAYCO and Fayette County Hospital LTC all together again! We sang our welcome song and our meeting songs a capella while three volunteers held up the big cards with words.
We sang “Happy Birthday” to Shaun Wasser, Edna Penny, Beulah Brown and Mary Woolsey (for the third month in a row)! Mary, these really add up fast – are you sure you want them to count?
Our leader today was Joyce Staff, and Joe Lawson gave our devotions. Joe spoke to us about having a merry heart and continually feasting on God’s love.
He referenced Proverbs and old Abraham and Sarah’s (both over 90) new baby named Isaac, which meant LAUGHTER!  The joy this new baby brought to them was immeasurable.
Joe also referenced the beauty of innocence, and how it can bring us joy and make us laugh. When we get in tough circumstances, we just must remember to not let it get us down, or it will kill us. Laughter is the best medicine – never let misery win, regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves.
Joyce held impromptu discussions on the beauty of spring and all it brings to us. From the leafing trees and garden flowers to the rain(bows)and  mushrooms. From the birds chirping  to baseball games (Cardinals vs. Cubs coming soon)!
Joyce reminded everyone that Friday is Good Friday (the day Jesus Christ was crucified and left to die on the cross). This Sunday is Easter (the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead to be with God eternally). And in doing these two things Jesus paid the price for all our sins.
Our entertainment was Pam Childers. Now, Pam played songs for us to sing along from our usual book and she brought words to songs that she knew by heart. I doubt there isn’t anything she can’t play!
We sang hymns and very old country songs I’ve haven’t heard in many years, like “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” and “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” (one of her two daughters is named Bonnie).
Then, she switched us to “Old Rugged Cross” and “Amazing Grace.” Many of the FAYCO members like to sing, and even though we may have been singing three different verses at once, we had a great time.
Especially adept at singing were Randy and Hope, who were good singing leaders for the group. Hope needs a few extra prayers from us this week!
There wasn’t really anyone in charge except Pam and the Holy Spirit, and this stretched our smiles to a mile wide.
We giggled and laughed as if we had been tickled. I saw no grouchiness, somber faces or worries – that was all cast to the wind, if only for a few minutes.
We sang as loud as we could, most of the time rather off-key, but joyfully!
Pam did not request earplugs, so if we are nice, she might come back this fall or next spring. Thank you, Pam!
At our pinochle table, Richard Kruenegel and Susan Meador lost THREE games to Rosamund Hobler and Shirley Locke.
It was so good to see everyone happy and enjoying the good weather, I’m certain that Richard didn’t mind losing his shirt!
Unfortunately, next week Evergreen Outreach is canceled. Everyone have a very Happy Easter!


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