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Only one local contest in Tuesday general election

Voters in only one area of Fayette County will have a ballot featuring a county race in next Tuesday’s general election.
However, Fayette County residents will help detcide the race between Republican Blaine Wilhour, the incumbent state representative for the 107th District, and Democrat David Seiler in a rematch of the 2018 general election.
County voters will also have a role in determining the presidential race between incumbent Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.
Local voters also are voting on a proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution regarding state income tax rates.
According to the ballot wording, the amendment “grants the state authority to impose higher income tax rates on higher income levels, which is how the federal government and a majority of other states do it.”
The ballot wording also states that the amendment “would remove the portion of the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution that is sometimes referred to the ‘flat tax, that requires all taxes on income be at the same rate.”
The only county race on next Tuesday’s ballot is in Fayette County Board District No. 4, with Republican Doug Knebel and Democrat Brian Holliday competing for the seat now held by Republican Dean Bernhardt, a long-time member who is not seeking re-election.
Other county board candidates are: District 1-Republican Jenny Waggoner (incumbent); District 2-Republican Matt Hall; District 3, four-year term-Democrat Larry Emerick, a former board member and chairman; and two-year-term-Republican James Wehrle; District 6-Democrat Ashley Braun Towler (a write-in candidate); and District 7-Republican Glenda Bartels (incumbents).
There are no candidates for the District 5 seat up for election. Republican Darrell Schaal, the current vice chairman, is not seeking re-election.
Also not seeking re-election are the current board chairman, Jeff Beckman, a District 2 representative; Democrat Glen “Whitey” Daniels, a long time District 3 representative; and Republican Bryce Kistler in District 6.
The four county officers on the ballot are all running unopposed.
Fayette County Circuit Clerk Kathy Emerick and State’s Attorney Joshua Morrison, both Republicans, are unopposed in seeking their third terms in office.
Also unopposed are Coroner David Harris and County Clerk and Recorder Jessica Barker, both Republicans.
Harris was appointed to the coroner post in June 2018 following the resignation of five-term coroner Bruce Bowen, and Barker was serving as the chief deputy clerk and recorder under Vicky Conder and was appointed to the officer post following Conder’s resignation in the middle of her second term in April of this year.
According to Barker, many Fayette County voters have already cast their ballots.
Barker said on Tuesday that of the county’s 13,486 registered voters, 1,434 ballots have thus far been cast through early voting and 54 through grace-period voting, which allows residents to vote immediately after signing up as a registered voter.
That compares to the general election in 2018, when there were 852 early votes and 104 grace-period votes.

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