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E911 coordinator explains new addressing system

About two weeks after the Fayette County Board decided to ask the E911 coordinator to attend its next meeting to explain the new E911 addressing system, Coordinator Kevin Jenne issued the following press release explaining the system.
There has been some confusion on the new street signs that are replacing the old rural reference signs in the county. I hope this will alleviate the confusion.
I will also touch on the fact that some of the major GPS platforms are not working with all of our addressing.
The old signs were rural reference signs only. The rural reference signs were not meant to be used as street addressing signs.
The new street signs being installed in the county follow the mapping schema used by the county for addressing, and 911 emergency dispatching
 The new signs follow federal guidelines on size and color.
The old rural reference signs were laid out as N. and E. roads, with north roads running east and west.
For example: 900 N – this road was nine miles north of the southernmost county line.
East roads ran north and south. For example: 1150 E – this road was 11.5 miles east of the westernmost county line.
This schema was countywide with some exceptions.
Here is a description on how to read the new 911 addresses in Fayette County:
Fayette County is streets and avenues to designate our county roads.
Streets will be the north/south roads. Avenues will be the east/west roads.
There will be a few addresses with the designation of lane. These are usually dead end roads, private laness with multiple residences or, in some cases, lease roads with multiple residences.
A 1-4 digit number will be issued for the house number. This number represents the distance from the westernmost or southernmost county line to the driveway of the residence.
Odd numbers will be on the north and west side of the road.
Even numbers will be on the south and east side of the road.
Vandalia Airport is 457 E. 1700 AVE.
The airport is located .57 miles east of 400 ST. (400E), or 4.57 miles east of the western most county line, on 1700 AVE. (1700N). It is an odd number, therefore on the north side of the road. The street sign says E. 1700 Ave., meaning the road runs east/west.
The State and US Highways are designated as follows: US 40 / IL 140 / IL 185 / US 51 / IL 37 / IL 128.
There are some named roads in the county also. Most of them are around the Vandalia Lake area.
We worked with the city of Vandalia last year to rename the roadways that service the lake lots on the north side of the lake. Those roads names are Pike St., Bass St., Turtle Ave., Eel St., Bluegill St., Sunfish Ln., Perch St., Snapper St., Trout St., Frog St. and Don Funk Ave.
The lake lots now have a 911 address of the lot number and the roadway its on. For example: Lot 50 is on Pike St., so the 911 address is 50 Pike St., Vandalia.
The mapping and GIS data used by 911 dispatch is based on the same GIS Data used to manage the addressing; 911 does not use Google, Apple or Bing mapping as our primary GIS platform. Our computer-aided dispatch system uses the GIS and mapping data from our system.
Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, etc., are all private companies. I have reached out numerous times since we began the project.
We have submitted our GIS data to these companies multiple times over the years, and as recently as June 9.
We as a county have no control over when or how these private companies updates their data with ours. We have noticed our GIS data in some of the platforms online, but not all have updated.
We have also submitted our new GIS Data to several publishing companies for the updates to be used in the plat books. We have seen that data appear in the some of the updated books.
As new county maps are produced and the GIS data is more widely distributed, we will see the changes made.
The basic data is available to mapping companies upon their request. We do not include individual persons names with any data submitted.
There will be errors in some of the new signs, and we will work to correct them as they are found. There will also most likely be errors discovered in some of the 911 addresses.
If anyone has concerns about a sign, or their 911 address you can contact me by phone or email.
My office phone number is 618-283-7241. If I do not answer, leave a message and I will return it when I can.
My email is I recommend contacting me by email for a quicker response.

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