City holds off on tax levy vote

Vandalia aldermen have already spoke in favor of a new tax levy with no increase, they are waiting until Monday night to give their formal approval.
The city council was scheduled to vote on the new levy at last week’s meeting, but Mayor Rick Gottman pulled that item from the agenda to allow city residents time to review the proposed levy.
The levy is available for inspection at city hall during regular business hours.
The three options that have been presented to the council by its auditor, Timmermann & Co. Ltd., are:
• A $861,211 levy, with no increase over the 2018 levy.
• A $892,374 levy, with a 3.62-percent increase, based on the required levy for the police pension fund presented by the Illinois Department of Insurance
• A $948,579 levy, with a 10.14-percent increase, based on the required levy for the police pension fund presented by the city’s actuary.
Gottman explained that the city would be able to approve a levy with no tax increase due to the fact that it is contributing $54,000 from the general fund to help fund the city’s obligation for its police pension fund.
That contribution is a little more than $22,000 above the city’s required contribution of $31,163.
Gottman said that the city is pulling $54,000 from the general fund for that purpose both this year and next year.
Also at last week’s meeting:
• The council observed a moment of silence for Gene Conaway, a downtown business owner, and the four people killed in the Nov. 16 accident – Mr. and Mrs. Bill Protz, Jenna Protz and Holly Lidy.
• Mayor Rick Gottman asked the Rev. John Glennon, pastor of Parkview Free Methodist Church, to deliver a prayer at the start of the meeting.
• Gottman thanked Paul “Whitey” and Sue Willms for the donation of this year’s city Christmas tree at Seventh and Gallatin street.
• Gottman thanked Unity Baptist Church, the owner of the building that houses Dollar General and Dennis Grubaugh for allowing the use of their buildings for Olde Tyme Christmas.

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