Son succeeds father as VFD chief

The chief of the Vandalia Fire Department has retired after 35 years on the department, and his successor is his son.

After Keith Meadows retired as the VFD chief, Mark Meadows was elected to the chief position at the department’s annual meeting last Wednesday night.
Keith Meadows joined the fire department in 1983, and has served as the VFD chief since February 2014. Prior to that, he was the first assistant chief, second assistant chief and department secretary.
Mark Meadows joined the department in 2004. He was elected second assistant chief in 2014 and was elevated to first assistant chief in 2018.
After electing Meadows chief, department members promoted Zac Stombaugh from second assistant chief to first assistant chief. Stombaugh joined the department in 2010 and has previously served as assistant treasurer.
After electing Stombaugh to first assistant chief, the department chose Tom DePaolo for the second assistant chief position. DePaolo has been a member since 2005 and has been serving as the department secretary.
Also elected last week were: Jason Paslay, secretary; Chris Whitten, assistant secretary; Terry Beesley, treasurer; and Tyler Schmitt, assistant treasurer.
During the annual meeting, DePaolo reported that the department handled 73 calls in 2018.
Of that total, 25 were in town and 48 were outside city limits.
A breakdown on the calls is as such: structure, 19; brush, 15; rescue, 11; vehicle fires, 13; alarms, 7l and other, 8.
On the 73 calls, members expended 1,224 hours.
Training hours for department members totaled 1,840. With the number of hour on calls added, the total number of hours expended by members was 3,064.


Keith Meadows

Mark Meadows

Zac Stombaugh

Tom DePaolo

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