Vandalia City Council approves new set of TIF guidelines

• All will be reviewed by TIF Administrator to ensure all information is provided.
Application is also reviewed by Building Official to ensure permits that may be required and/or variances.  This process could take up to 45 days.
Will also include a site visit by TIF Administrator and Building Official prior to bringing to city council.
Building Official will provide a report as to required permits and his opinion of project for committee to review.
• Pictures will be required of the applicant to provide pictures at the time of application so there is visual evidence as to work being done.  Furthermore, pictures will be taken at the time of the completion of the project as well.
These will need to be provided at the time all receipts are turned in to the city for reimbursement.
• Proof of Insurance on the building/property is required at the time of application.
• Council will hold a work session for applicant to present app to council.
Council will then direct TIF Administrator as to amount for the ordinance to be voted on at the next held council meeting.  At this time council will review report by Building Official
• Minimum of 2 bids for all aspects of project.  If hiring a General Contractor to oversee entire project, then only need 2 bids from General’s only.
• No work applied for shall be started before council makes final vote on ordinance.  
• It is also requested that detailed plans & entire project budget be provided – which show the breakdown of the costs for materials and labor for all aspects, rather than a single amount on a page.  Furthermore, square footage must be provided for certain aspects, such as guttering, flooring, roofing and size of facility.
• No building/property owner shall be reimbursed for any labor performed on their own building.
They can be reimbursed for materials, unless seeking reimbursement for receipts from a business they have a financial part of.
• No TIF money is fronted for the project.  Applicant is required to pay for the entire project, then once completed submit all receipts to the city for review and reimbursement.  This review process could take up to 45 days.  Reimbursements are done at council meetings (held 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each month)
• It is preferred that all receipts/invoices be accompanied by a cancelled check showing proof of payment and that the check has in fact cleared your bank.
This is a process the State uses when municipalities seek reimbursement for construction work.  We are simply ensuring that payment has in fact been made and that no receipts can be falsified. 
• All projects must be completed within the timeframe set at time of approval.
Applicant can request an extension if needed as it is understandable that sometimes unforeseen matters arise or weather hinders the project.
All requests must be submitted in a timely manner to the TIF Administrator.
• TIF is available to all commercial and industrial property owners who have property located within an established TIF district.  TIF has been used for residential demolitions only, if as above, the said property is located within the TIF district.  Those within the district are the only ones who pay in to the TIF.
• Only one application per address from either the property owner or person leasing/renting the property (applications from renters/leases only accepted if have written permission for the work from owner) will be accepted.
• Applications from Non-Profits will not be accepted with the exception being if said non-profit is another taxing body.
• Annual follow-up on job creation and ownership will be done by TIF administrator.
City has the right to request additional information not mentioned above at any time and at their discretion. 
As of 11/5/2018

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