Alum, retired teacher gives thanks for Alumni Weekenda

Brownstown High School graduate Floyd Jordan (‘54) had always looked forward to his own class reunion. Somewhere in the mid- to late 1970’s, Floyd worked to include all Brownstown Alumni in a school wide reunion.
With the help of many dedicated volunteers, the Brownstown Alumni Reunion has been a staple for those who have attended Brownstown High School, with graduates returning year after year for the Brownstown Alumni Reunion held in July.
At the 2018 Brownstown Alumni Reunion, BHS Principal Jeff Wooters presented planned alumni activities for the weekend of Sept. 21-22, and invited all in attendance to come and enjoy further fellowship.
Along with high school secretary Ashley Towler, Mr. Wooters, the staff and students of Brownstown High School hosted a full weekend of activities which included: bingo, art show, bake sale, cook-out, school tours, concessions and an alumni basketball game.   
Free activities (tours, art show) mingled with those that had a minimal fee.
For those activities in which a fee was charged, classes and organizations (student council, National Honor Society and girls basketball) at BHS benefited from the fundraising activity. 
The entire weekend was well organized. The school sparkled from top to bottom.
The classrooms were inviting and signs were posted clearly identifying the teacher/subject taught and giving a welcoming message for the Alumni.
The high school librarian, Verla Reed, had yearbooks on display from the 1940’s through 2018.
The staff and students running the specific activities were well organized, friendly and appreciative of everyone would came, both as an alumnus or a community member supporting our school. 
Thank you to all those involved for making the inaugural weekend festivities a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of my former students and their parents.
Sandra Stine
Brownstown Alumni (1980)
and Retired Brownstown Teacher (2017)

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