Changing of the Guard

Members of the newly formed 2019 Bicentennial Board of Directors, which will head up Vandalia’s 200th birthday party in two years, recently met with some of the key organizers of the 175th Celebration. Those involved with the last celebration talked about how they organized it and shared some ideas for the next celebration. Above, from left, are Mary Truitt of the 175th Celebration, Kim Lake, LaTisha Paslay (secretary), Andrea Meadows (vice president), Cassie Beesley (president) and Jennifer Richards of the 2019 Board of Directors, Mayor Rick Gottman, and Jim Staff, Joyce Staff, Jean Stombaugh and Bill Donaldson of the 175th Celebration committee. Members of the new committee not present for this meeting were Mike Radliff (treasurer), Kelly Washburn and Todd Stapleton.

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