Primary election filing under way

As the filing of petitions got under way, contests for posts in Fayette County in next year’s general election began taking shape.
Those filing petitions on Monday include two candidates for the office of circuit clerk, incumbent Republican Kathy Emerick and Democrat Ashley Towler.
Fayette County will also have at least two state’s attorney candidates, though neither filed a petition on Monday. Republican incumbent Joshua Morrison and Democrat Stephen Friedel, who has previously served three terms as this county’s state’s attorney, have announced their intention to run next year.
In addition to Emerick and Towler, those filing petitions on Monday include:
• K. Randal Braun, Democrat, precinct committeeman in Vandalia 1.
• Matthew “Matt” Hall, Republican, precinct committeeman in Shafter.
• Jean Finley, Democrat, Fayette County Board District No. 1.
• Scott Workman, Republican, precinct committeeman in Bear Grove.
• Randy Pollard, Republican, precinct committeeman in Vandalia 8.
• Jenny (Austin) Waggoner, Republican, Fayette County Board District No. 1 and precinct committeeman in Carson 1.
• Glen “Whitey” Daniels, Democrat, Fayette County Board District No. 3.
The filing of petitions continues through the end of the day on Monday.
In addition to circuit clerk and state’s attorney, the office of county coroner is on the 2016 primary and general election ballots. The long-time coroner, Bruce Bowen, a Republican, stated recently that he does not intend to seek re-election.
Also up for nomination at the spring primary are seats in each of the 7 county board districts.
The primary election will also include the election of Democrat and Republican committeemen in each of the county’s precincts.

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