After call from county board member, coroner decided not to seek re-election

Fayette County Coroner Bruce Bowen announced on Thursday that he after a phone call from a county board member, he has decided not to seek a fifth term.

In a press release, Bowen said that he had initially planned to run for re-election, but changed his mind after a phone call.

Bowen said that while he was on vacation, a county board member called him, "accusing me of things that were totally untrue. He did not name the county board member."

He said, "I have worked hard to be the best could be for the taxpayers of Fayette County, including training, negotiating bills with vendors, seeking and getting grants, and doing all I coul for those who lost loved ones."

Thanks those who have supported him during his time of coroner, Bowen said that his last day in office will be Nov. 30, 2016, the day before his successor takes office.

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