Brownstown-Sefton News

(Most) Homestead Critters
Enjoying Lazy Summer Days
Some of the barn critters are enjoying the summer days, namely Madricka, the mother donkey, and her young son, Buckwheat (aka baby Bucky).  
They can often be seen stretched out in the sunshine, usually on their sides, soaking up the sunshine.
On the other hand (or hoof), Lady, the senior mini-horse, prefers to stay in her side of  their barn duplex.  Papa Bear Bill placed a window fan in their window, which not only provides a nice, steady breeze, but also prevents the horseflies from entering.
We remember that our late, (adorable) little Smoky Donkey. On the hottest summer days, he would be out in the hoot sun, playing with his RK barrel or running and playing up and down in his pen. Lady would stay in the their barn, where it was fan-cooled and free of annoying insects.
Donkeys seem to tolerate the weather better, but they do not like to get wet in the rain or snow.  
Katie, the outside doggie, prefers to stay in her insulated, igloo dog house when it is real hot, but also enjoys sitting in her lawn chair.
Rhonda & Blackie Hens seem to doing well, as they come down their ramp in the mornings to eat and drink. We plan to extend their area for more scratching & bugging.
Josie, the little, senior doggie, lives in a comfortable, controlled environment (central air and heat, when needed), When she does go outside, she soon wilts and is ready to return to to the house.
We are missing Callie, the kitty, especially in the evening, when she would join us to watch the ballgames.
We do not want to get another kitty, though, because Josie has enough health problems and does not need anything else to deal with now.     
Brownstown Kiosk …
… plus St. Elmo and Vandalia Kiosks – be sure to try to visit them. They are interesting and attractive, and we should feel honored to have one of our own.
All three are placed along U.S. Route 40: St. Elmo at the Phillips Building; Brownstown-west of the fire station; and Vandalia-west of Burtchi Brothers Building.
August Food Pantry items… are: one box of breakfast cereal, one large can of 100-percent fruit juice, one box of oatmeal. Anything would be appreciated.
Brownstown’s Helping Hands Ministry Food Delivery…
… will be on Sept. 3. Food Give-Away will be on Saturday, Sept. 12, and Monday, Sept. 14.
Mahon Family Reunion
The descendants of John and Pearl (Rine) Mahon will have a reunion on Saturday, Sept. 5, at the Brownstown Elementary School cafeteria, with a potluck dinner at noon. The building will be available from 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
All Mahon relatives, whether of the immediate family or not, are welcome and encouraged to attend. Also invited is anyone from the Rine family.
Methodist Cluster Picnic …
… is Sept. 19, at the Brownstown United Methodist Church.
Local August Celebrations
Birthdays: Aug. 3, Lakin Evans; Aug. 5, Randy Carpenter; Aug. 8, Carol Ann Behrends; Aug. 13, Tony Elam; Aug. 17, Marilyn Eckhardt; Aug. 19, Dale Henna. Aug. 28, Jordan Evans; and Aug. 30, Sharon Harris; Anniversary: Aug. 29, Gary and Judy Watson.
This & That
Pretty Little Keely …
… granddaughter of Tammie Kramer and great-granddaughter of Loyce Becker, enjoyed breakfast at Waltrip’s Corner Restaurant on Saturday morning. Keely took Grandma Tammie for a walk in the yard to see the assorted birds at the birdfeeders, the squirrel trying to share the birdfeeders, the zinnias and sunflowers path, while great-grandma Loyce watched them from their table through the window. Keely seemed quite excited about the outside attractions, as she pointed them out to Grandma Tammie.
Brownstown First
Christian Church
The congregation of the Brownstown First Christian Church was greeted by  Don and Ellen Willms, and led in songs of praise by Cathy Smith, Judy Pilger and Jack Shelton, accompanied by pianist Susan Smith and guitarists Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney.
Charles Watson led the Communion meditation.
A special selection was sung by Tresnee Adams, and niece Olivia, and Mary Claycomb, followed by the morning message, delivered by Pastor Bonifacius.  
Also serving: Sunday School nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m. nursery, Cathy Smith; toddler worship-Joann Strobel and Bonnie Shelton; Quest-4-Christ-Q-4-C-team; and shut-ins-Matthew Smith and Charlie Watson.
• Fifth Sunday school offering and potluck-Sunday, Aug. 30; offering goal is $10,000.
• Senior Adult Day at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp on Thursday, Sept. 10, 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
*Leadership Meeting-Monday, Sept. 14, at 7 pm.                               
Mike Smith Speaks at First Christian Church Revival
A challenging and enjoyable three-day revival was held at Brownstown First Christian Church Thursday through Saturday night last week.
Mike Smith, who grew up in Brownstown, was the evangelist. Several people from the congregation led the song services. There was a baptism Saturday night.

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