‘All over the board’

Just a few years ago, the Fayette County Farm Bureau held its annual crop survey a little early, due to weather conditions that put corn and soybeans ahead of schedule.
There’s no chance of that this year.
Rain, both the amount and when it fell, has affected the growth of crops in places throughout the county. It has also caused replanting and delayed when the replanting could be done.
“I talked to some farmers last week who were still planting beans,” said Stephanie Kraus, manager of the Farm Bureau offices in Fayette and Bond counties.
It’s been an unusual growing season, she said, with “moisture early on keeping some farmers from getting into their fields as early as usual.”
Assessing this year’s corn and soybeans at this point in the growing season, Kraus said, “they’re all over the board.
“The early corn is looking good, but that which was planted later is not so good.
“Some of the early beans look good, but, as with the corn, the later beans aren’t quite so good,” Kraus said. “And some farmers have just recently been planting some of their beans.”
There’s still a chance the county can see some good crops this year, she said. “It’s still pretty early.”
The hot, dry weather this week is both good and bad, Kraus said.
“The warm weather is really helping the crops,” she said. “But we’re almost to the point that we need a little rain.
“When it’s so hot and humid like it is right now, the moisture that’s there dries out really quick.”

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