Swofford cleans up in new business

D. Wayne Swofford Jr.’s mother, Mrs. Don (Charlotte) Swofford, taught her children that no matter what the circumstances were financially, that soap and water were cheap and there was no excuse not to be clean and to have a clean house, that even if you don’t have fancy things, you can still be clean.

Her words inspired the new business in town with a unique name, Who Says A Man Can’t Clean, which is a dream come true for her son, Wayne.
Her words stuck with Wayne, and from the age of 14, he has been passionate about cleanliness.
He worked in St. Louis for 30 years, including running a cleaning business, and when he returned to his hometown of Vandalia, he wanted to start a cleaning business here, to help others, including businesses, with their cleaning chores.
Wayne said that he started out doing all the cleaning by himself, with a mop, bucket, broom, etc., and that now has six cleaning service trucks, plus the employees to man them.
Now, instead of doing all of the work himself, he said, “All are doing the work and keeping busy at it.  His company’s motto is “We Do It All,” which includes all kinds of cleaning jobs.
His business is based in the small building at 1513 N. Eighth Street in Vandalia., which has served various services and businesses over the years.  It was even a Greyhound Bus stop at one time, although it doesn’t look like the same building.
Wayne said that the north end of Vandalia has always been special to him, since he had lived in the area as a boy. Since coming back home to live, he said that he hated looking at the “old brown building,” so he took possession of it and painted it a soft green color, and planted colorful flowers and green shrubbery, creating a little mini-garden spot in front of the neat and attractive building.
Wayne voiced his appreciation for the people of Vandalia and their support and use of his cleaning business. His cleaning services provide both residential and commercial cleaning, and will give free estimates, and he can furnish references.
Although his colorful, eye-catching business cards and advertisements feature a mop, mop bucket and an old-fashioned straw broom, he uses top-line cleaning equipment and supplies. Wayne is creative and likes the idea of the image of a little janitor with the broom, mop and bucket.
He also provides cleaning gift cards for giving someone a hand in cleaning, whether it be a simple surprise day off from housework; getting the home ready for a special occasion or for house guests; or handling a bigger job, such as cleaning a basement, attic or garage.  
You can call 283-9994, visit them at www.whosaysamancantclean.com or  contect them by email at [email protected]


Wayne Swofford

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