Nadine returns to Fayette County on Saturday

Nadine, the comedienne “Church Lady” on the RFD TV show “Larry’s Country Diner” has become a familiar “face” in Fayette County, and she is returning this Saturday evening to visit with friends she has made here. And she always likes to make new ones.

Although you might say she “hobnobs” with legendary and famous country music  stars on Larry’s Diner, Nadine remains the same country lady.
She brings along a new inspirational “church sign” to the show every week (which, she says, she is going to go put up after the show), along with her very large, oversized Bible (which is really too big to conveniently carry along with her purse and signs, but that is Nadine).
She is not a dull lady, as she keeps up with the latest in news, health tips, and the latest concerning her neighbors and friends, and loves to share it with others, especially if it is about her husband Homer’s family.
She would not admit to gossiping, just carrying on fact-filled conversation. That’s Nadine.
She is outspoken, gossips some and is pretty plain-spoken about some of Homer’s  family’s intelligence and habits, but, then again, that is Nadine. She gets a little sassy at times, even with an officer of the Fayette County law.
She is a brave soul. She has definite opinions about several subjects, including doctors, lawyers, the government, marriage, old age and yes, even church. And she has bravely even recorded these opinions on one of her C’s, in hilarious, outrageous, statements, but it’s always clean, humor.
She wears an elderly-style print dress with a white carnation at the very modest neckline, topped off with an outdated pillbox hat. Her figure is indescribable, rather like a bushel of odd-sized potatoes in a peck-sized flower bedecked silk sheath. Her brown stockings are always rolled unevenly, at half-mast, down below her knees, but she has a lot of Fayette County men (husbands included) crazy about her … and that is Nadine.
With Heart of Gold, Strength and Faith in God
Nadine is Nadine, but her alter-ego peeks through at times and reveals a really lovely lady who, like most in her audience, has had her share of illness, sorrow and heartbreak.
But rather than succumb to life’s lemons, she has made  lemonade through her gift of forgetting herself and making others laugh and, for a while at least, forget their own troubles in her own unique fashion.
She pokes good-natured fun at obstacles in life (she is a survivor of cancer), ribs law officers, the government and her Tennessee friends and neighbors,  
Local officer Ted Miller once visited her on stage to give her two Brownstown Police badges to give to her police chief and county sheriff. He commented that they were the only badges he had ever seen with a John Deere symbol on them.
And That Is Nadine….
… bringing not only laughter, but also encouragement and good advice, interlaced with her unique and quick-witted humor, as she closes her program with tips such as encouraging ladies in the audience to have their mammograms done regularly and then offers three hilarious tips on how to prepare for said test.
She also commented that if those present for the show could sit on their bottoms to watch her show that night, they could also sit on a church pew the next morning.  And that’s not just Nadine, who is also the lovely lady who also dwells within.
Nadine likes our Brownstown Branch Library, so she is coming back not only to see her Fayette County friends, but also to benefit the library.
Nadine will be here Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Biggs Farm Hall south on Ill. Route 185, south of Brownstown at the intersection of County Road 1525 East. Tickets can be obtained from the Brownstown Branch Library at 120 E. Main St. or call 427-3853. You may leave your telephone umber and someone will call you back.
There will be refreshments that evening.
Nadine is bringing a new routine and friends from Larry’s Diner, Steve Smith of the Gatlin Brothers Band, Keith Bilbrey and Teea Goans (on a return visit).
Nadine is not only a gifted entertainer, she is also an uplifting experience and, oh yes,  she really likes her chocolate pie and coffee … and that is Nadine!  


Ted Miller, a former chief of police in Brownstown, poses with Nadine during one of her previous visits to Fayette County.

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