FCH Auxiliary gift shop serves more than the hospital

Kay Johnson has been a volunteer at Fayette County Hospital for many years, but was named the gift shop manager in the fall of this year.

Modestly, she is sharing the credit for the attractive displays with other veteran volunteers, who include Marilyn Bauman, Carolyn Daniels, Mardell Carpenter “and also the girls (newer volunteers) who have really started expressing themselves in the shop,” she said.
“One girl has started expressing herself by arranging displays, and they are good with the customers – they are really stepping up.
“When the vendors come, I like to see the product myself,” she said, “and we try to keep the prices really reasonable. We try to price things so we feel that someone would want to pay that for it.
“We try to find quality thing with not to high of a price, kind of the middle of the road,” she said. “We also try to find gift items for men, but it is more difficult to find things for men."
Therefore, the shop is well-stocked with items anyone would be proud to give as gifts.
“And, right now, I like to have Mardell Carpenter at my side when I’m purchasing for the gift shop,” she said.
She also values the help and support given by …
… Dean Black
… a long-time auxiliary supporter, has been a volunteer for the past two years. He is also serving the first year of a two-year term as president of the Auxiliary.
Planned Expansion
The Fayette County Hospital has plans in motion to add on to and improve the present facilities, and the plans will include a different and larger location for the gift shop. It will be located conveniently near the main entrance.
The present space allowed is not quite adequate for the variety and volume of items offered, but the Kay and the volunteers manage to arrange displays, gift items, angels, greeting cards, scarves, purses, etc., to offer a wide selection of gifts, and still avoid a cluttered  look.
Gifts for Everyone
Not only is the gift shop available and convenient for those who are visiting hospital patients and Long Term Care residents, but it is also available for the general public’s use.
“If someone just wants to come in and Christmas shop, they are welcome, whether they have anyone in the hospital or not,” Black said.
The proceeds from the gift shop are used for the hospital. Gift shop revenues have been used to purchase equipment for the hospital, and the volunteers serve in other ways, such as manning the waiting room for the operation room and the front desk, to greet and assist and direct visitors and patients.
There are gifts for all ages and tastes, and seasonal decorations, such as snowmen and Santas with the popular burlap trimming. They have wooden lanterns, Christmas trees, ornaments, angels and large jingle bells decorated with various characters, such as snowmen.  
Although it is called a gift shop, one might very easily find “gifts” for one’s own home.
The shop’s hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, with efforts made to have the shop open every weekday afternoon, based on the availability of volunteers. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
The Volunteers’ Reward
Dean and Kay agree that their reward is the good feeling they have in being of help to others. “Sometimes, it is a tired feeling, but also a good feeling that you have helped someone,” Kay said.
More Hospital and LTC Volunteers welcome.
Black said that volunteers are always welcome, not only in the auxiliary, but also in other areas, such as Long Term Care.

Kay Johnson, the manager of the Fayette County Hospital Auxiliary gift Shop, is shown with auxiliary President Dean Black.

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