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Baby Bucky Donkey’s First Winter
Little Buckwheat (a.k.a. Baby Bucky) is probably wanting to return to
his former home in Okawville, where he was born and lived with Ron and Rhonda Gronnet. It was warm weather at that time and he hadn’t experienced winter weather.
Since Bucky and his mother, Madricka, moved to the Homestead in October, we have had downpours of rain, a little bit snow and sleet (among some almost summer-like days).
This is his first winter, and he doesn’t know that weather can be is like this all over Illinois, including “down south” at Okawville.
Of course, he and his mother, and Lady, the senior mini-horse,  have had the option to stay warm and dry in their (homemade) barn, thanks to Rancher Bill and his (questionable) carpenter assistant.
It doesn’t leak, the cold winds can be completely shut out and yet, they can have an outside view and illumination through their Plexiglass window.
They even have a soft glow through it at night from the pole light.
On warm days, Bucky likes to take his naps in the sunshine, while his mom stands nearby. It looks like Madrika and Lady have neighborly visits over the fence while Bucky naps.  
Bucky loves to run and kick his feet up in the air. He sometimes bucks, as if he is a rodeo horse. We really enjoy watching his antics – it’s nice to have a “baby” around again. He is growing like a weed.
They all three really like their carrots and will bray (donkeys) and/or nicker (Lady) if they see me outside.
I believe they watch for me to go out the back door. However, the carrots are “treats,” not routine food, so they are not given generously.
One very large carrot is shared three ways with several bites for each and Lady’s share is shredded onto a little paper plate, from which she eats her carrot delicately and lady-like.
They know when they see Bill coming that they are probably going to get some hay or, if it’s meal time, their hay and grain.
They have good hay (delivered to them from Josh) and their healthy regular food (one kind for Lady, because it is more easily digestible) and another kind for the donkeys, a mixture made from the recipe given us by Mr. Gronnet.
When the weather gets a little better, we will get the critters’ Christmas tree and decorations put up. (I’ve already started in the house; just couldn’t wait.)
Don’t Forget to give to Caring & Sharing
Let’s support the program and the volunteers who work so unselfishly in gathering and distributing Christmas blessings to others.           
Our heartfelt sympathy to …
… the family and friends of Romalee Engle and Carol Sefton. Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you.
Roses to Miss Stine….
… namely, Sandra Stine, our elementary physical education teacher, who does so much for our schools and students. Her contributions with photos and information (a sort of go-between) helped immensely with last week’s  story of our very nice exchange students, Simon and Jacobo.
A Tip of the Hat, too…
… our exchange students, Simon and Jacobo, from Germany and Spain, respectively, for taking the time to share with us about their countries, families and their favorite things to do. They were both very pleasant, friendly, and gave intelligent and sincere answers to my questions.  
A Cousin Mini-Reunion …
… was enjoyed as we happened to see cousin Steve Mabry and meet his lovely wife, Tisha, in David Behrends’ Denny’s Restaurant in Vandalia.
Steve and Tisha are the owners and operators of The Lake House restaurant  in Vandalia.  
We had enjoyed the chance meeting with cousins, Ron and Mary Howard, and Jim and Alma Howard at Mark’s in Brownstown recently. These mini-reunions help us keep in touch, as our families don’t have the big all-day reunions they used to have when I was a kid.    
Sefton Unit Christmas Party …
… is next Thursday, at 11 a.m., at The Hitchin’ Post in Brownstown.  There will be no gift exchange this year, just a relaxing time of food and friendship.
Bake Sale …
… at Rural King in Vandalia on Saturday, Dec. 13, starting at 9 a.m., for the Brownstown Library.    
Fayette County HCE Board Christmas Party…
… will be Monday, Dec. 15, at Ponderosa in Vandalia, at 11 a.m. In lieu of a gift exchange, each one is asked to donate $5 for Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.
Food Pantry Items for December …
… are cans of vegetables, four cans of fruit. Anything would be appreciated.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Andrew Grull, Jeffrey Kelly Jr., Don Holding, Rebecca Evans and J.J. Moore. Anniversary-Jim and Connie Green.
Note-Brownstown/ Emmanuel Churches …
… now have a website:
Hubert Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship.
Jarin Evans and Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer.
Flo Allen and Pam Orr shared the lighting of the advent candle. Thomas delivered the morning massage.
Orr led the children’s worship and served refreshments. Allen led the adult class.
• Emmanuel Church Christmas party is this Saturday at 5:30 p.m.
The all-church Christmas potluck and program at Brownstown UMC is at 6 p.m. on Dec. 14. Plates to shut-ins at 5 p.m. Offering goes to United Methodist Village at Lawrenceville and United Methodist Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon.

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