More gambling is not the way to increase tax revenue

I just want to applaud Ward III Alderman Terry Beesley for his stand against increasing the number of liquor licenses to be used by gaming facilities in the city of Vandalia. I wish some of our state lawmakers had the intestinal fortitude shown by Alderman Beesley to simply not allow these types of gambling machines in our state.
It seems to me that our state lawmakers knew this would be a controversial subject, and so, rather than take a firm stand against gaming in Illinois, they passed their responsibility along to the city governments through allowing the cities to limit the number of gaming facilities by requiring a liquor license in areas where games are to be located.
However, instead of limiting such games in Vandalia, our city council has decided to increase the number of Class A liquor licenses and allow for more gambling in Vandalia.
This is not good for Vandalia, and our city council knew it. That is why at the Oct. 6 council meeting, they originally voted against a resolution that would increase the number of Class A liquor licenses.
I realize that all of our aldermen want to see Vandalia grow and benefit from increased tax revenues, but increasing the number of liquor licenses and bringing more gambling machines to Vandalia is not the right way to do that.
Don’t we already have enough places to buy alcohol and gamble in Vandalia?
In the last several months, we’ve seen gaming machines pop up in restaurants, and convenience stores all over town. Enough is enough!
There is no doubt in my mind that all of our alderman, even those who changed their minds between the Oct. 6 and Oct. 20 city council meetings, have a sincere desire to see Vandalia prosper. As a lifelong resident of Vandalia, I, too, desire to see our community prosper.
I realize they have Vandalia’s best interest at heart, but I think they have made a mistake this time.
Bringing more gaming machines and liquor licenses may be legal, and it may be lucrative, but that does not make it right,
Alderman Beesley knows this is not right and he took a stand against it. I know that was not an easy thing to do, so I applaud Mr. Beesley for the stand he has taken.
I wish we had more aldermen who would take a stand against bringing gaming and gambling to our fair city.
Dave Hall, Vandalia


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