FCH breaks ground for $5.5M project

Turning over shovels full of dirt represented more than a celebration of a major improvement project at Fayette County Hospital, according to the hospital’s chief executive officer.

It was also a time to remember the importance of having a hospital in this community, Greg Starnes said during a groundbreaking ceremony for a $5.5-million project at FCH.
That project includes a new laboratory on the ground floor, a new main entrance with an improved registration area and larger waiting area, a second elevator and a connector for mobile exam units that come to the hospital.
The project begins with the creation of a new parking lot at the north end of the hospital property, which replaces the parking area being lost with the creation of the new main entrance.
“If there are any doubters about the need for what we’re embarking upon, we’re reminded all too much through a couple of incidents just recently,” Starnes said.
He was referring to the train-car accident that claimed the life of a Greenville woman and three of her children, and an accident causing serious injuries to “one of our own,” FCH paramedic Ryan Cunningham. Cunningham died this week from those injuries.
“Those events remind us of the need for the facilities that we have here,” Starnes said.
“We need the facilities that are going to be good for us to work in, excellent facilities so we can provide excellent service to those who come to us,” he said.
Starnes recognized the members of the FCH District Board of Directors for their role.
“They have worked very diligently for a very long time on this project,” he said.
Nancy Pryor, president of the FCH Board, said the weather for the groundbreaking ceremony – cool and dreary – was not indicative of what is going on at the hospital.
“You might think it’s a rainy, gloomy, cloudy day, but it’s a wonderful day,” Pryor said.
“Something that we’ve worked on for over 20 years is coming to fruition,” she said.


David Wasmuth and Nancy Pryor (president) of the Fayette County Hospital District Board of Directors participate in a groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital’s $5.5-million expansion project last week.

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