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Longhorn Critters’ Radar?
Looking out the door at the rain that was peppering down, I saw the longhorn cowgirls stop eating grass and begin to hurry toward their favorite port in a storm, a little grove of locust trees.

I couldn’t help but notice how time has marched on, even with senior cows. The oldest one (and the smallest), Betsy, has been the head cow ever since the amazing and incomparable LulaBelle passed on.
Thus, Betsy (who is part Coriente) has led the herd to water, feeding time, watching the garbage truck, to bed down for the night and to their little sheltering nook in the locust trees, with the others following behind her.
Today, however, Geneva (one of the Bartels girls) was leading the way, and Betsy was bringing up rear guard. It was rather a sad sight, perhaps because Betsy and I are maybe comparable in age, hers in cow years.
They were hurrying along, as the rain was pelting down, then slowed, and to my amazement, started grazing and eating. Just a few minutes later, the rain stopped completely and the sun came out.
It seemed that they knew the rain was over before it was over, and started eating grass again, as they were before the rain started.
Could they possibly be equipped with Doppler radar and their long horns are the receivers?
Our little Josie is 15 now and sometimes has trouble with the steps and getting up on her chair and couch. It is comical to watch her as she locates Bill if he is in sight and looks to him to help her up.
Callie, the kitty, is probably close to Josie in years, and with diabetes and things in general, but we believe she is responding to her medicine, as she seems to look better in the face.
The chicken roost ladies, Blackie and Rhonda, are doing good and still in full production – two eggs a day.  
Katie, the doggie, is lively and active. She sees her reflection in her drinking water and slaps at the water with her foot. We are considering getting her a wading pool for summer, as she seems to like to play in water.
Brownstown Village-Wide Yard Sales …
… are this Friday, June 6.
United Methodist Women Rummage Sale …
… Friday (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and Saturday (8 a.m.-2 p.m.) at the church.
Notice to Sefton HCE members
The Sefton Unit meeting time for Thursday, June 12, has been changed to 2 p.m. from the previously scheduled 1 p.m.
Coming Events
• Relay for Life is Saturday at Rogier Park, from noon until midnight. In case of inclement weather, it will be held at the Family Y building.
Free Summer Lunches for Kids
… begin in Brownstown area next Wednesday, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., distributed from the Brownstown United Methodist Church fellowship room (downstairs, through door on east side of  church building.) For all students and there is no charge and no registration.  
Sefton HCE Meeting
… 2 p.m. next Thursday at the Golden Years Building.
Local Celebrations
• Birthdays: Kenny Nickels, Braden Schwarm, Betty Williams and Joann Gelsinger.
• Anniversaries: Andrew and Rita Grull.
Village of Brownstown Cleanup Day
… is Friday, June 13.
Food Pantry Items for June
Items needed for June are: two cans of any kind of soup, one box of crackers, one jar of peanut butter. Anything would be appreciated.
BES End-of-the-Year Awards Program
The Brownstown Elementary School held its annual end-of-the-year awards Program on Friday morning, May 23, in the high school gym.
Awards were given for honor roll, perfect attendance, president’s award, perfect spelling, top AR readers and promotion certificates for the sixth graders.
Angela Reeter, principal, serving as emcee, welcomed all present and introduced Kendra Houghtaling, who presented the music and band awards.
Reeter announced the award winners for the following: perfect attendance for fourth quarter; perfect attendance for school year; honor roll for fourth quarter; honor roll for school year; AR top readers; top student in each class, grades 4-6; perfect spellers-fourth quarter; President’s Award; and sixth-grade promotion certificates.
Following the presentations of awards, an entertaining a video of the years students’ activities was shown.
Reeter also gave information about the Walk for Abi, which followed immediately after the awards program.
The Walk in Honor and Remembrance of Abi
Following the BES awards program, all students walked two laps around the track in honor and remembrance of their classmate, Abi Burney, a second-grader who died this year.
Abi’s second-grade classmates walked together with their teacher, Ms.  Claycomb.  They were joined by visitors, families and friends of Abi in the walk.
All were also invited to place a donation in a jar for the Arthrogryposis Foundation, the disease from which Abi had suffered with since birth and that claimed her life.
There was also a registration to win Subway gift cards.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday services.
Mannie Orr and Hubert Williams served as ushers and Tara Schnarre lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas welcomed all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer list, and led in prayer.
Thomas delivered the morning message and gave Communion, assisted by Marlys Thomas.
• Friday and Saturday-UMW Rummage Sales at the Church.

Sixth-graders at Brownstown Elementary School are shown following their promotion ceremony. The students are Dustin Michael Abrams. Caleb Michael Atwood, Elizabeth Autumn Austin, Jacob Richard Baron, Joel Robert Blomker, Brailey Lin Bolyard, Leah Ann Critcheloe, Levi Joe Dunaway, Andrew Robert “Andy” Goldsborough, Amanda Nicole Koehler, Paitlyn Michelle Koonce, James Michael “Jimmy” Logue, Kristian Blayde Norsic, Natalie Lynn Oberlink, Bryton Edward Pruett, Seth Nickolas Rees, Matthew James “Matt” Rutherford, Max Hunter Schrarer, Anthony Michael Streeter, Holly Paige Struble, Taralyn Nicole Taylor, Destiny Marie Tomarchio, Maykala DanielleTorbeck, Makenzie Raye Walk, Tyan Dewayne Ward and Brittney Jolyn Wuehler.

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