FCH launches teleneurology partnership XXXXX

Fayette County Hospital has launched a partnership with Memorial Medical Center of Springfield to offer teleneurology services, which uses two-way audio and video teleconferencing to provide patients with immediate access to stroke-trained neurologists.
“Our partnership with Memorial Medical Center gives our community around-the-clock access to experienced stroke-trained neurologists who will work with us to evaluate and administer the most effective and appropriate treatments for people suffering from acute stroke or other neurological conditions,” said Greg Starnes, CEO of Fayette County Hospital.
“This means more people in our community will have access to neurologists and will receive the life-saving care they need close to home,” Starnes said. “Any patients who may need a higher level of care can be quickly identified and transferred to Memorial Medical Center to receive additional treatments,  including minimally invasive neurointerventional procedures.”
In addition to providing rapid local treatment for stroke patients, the partnership with the Springfield hospital will also expand care to include emergent telehealth services for other acute neurological conditions, including seizures, head bleeds, aneurysms, epilepsy, acute onset confusion and altered mental status.
The Memorial Teleneurology Network uses real-time two-way audiovisual conferencing to provide community hospitals 24-hour access to stroke-trained neurologists. Physicians connect through a secure web camera so a patient can be examined remotely, allowing a board-certified neurologist to perform a rapid assessment of the patient.
Neuroimaging performed at Fayette County Hospital can be accessed remotely to allow for quick interpretation for accurate diagnosis. The neurologist and Fayette County’s clinical team can discuss, order, implement and monitor treatment options, with the goal of keeping patients in their own community and close to home.
If a higher level of care is required, the patient can be transferred to Memorial Medical Center, which offers neurointerventional radiology services. The neurologist and Fayette County’s clinical team work together to identify acute stroke patients and treat any acute neurologic emergency.
 “Fayette County Hospital’s clinical team and the neurologist work together and carry out the best treatment option for the patient,” said Dr. Sajjad Mueed, Memorial Stroke Center medical director and a neurologist with Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
Memorial Medical Center is certified as a primary stroke center by the Joint Commission. The certification recognizes Memorial for “exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke care,” according to the Joint Commission. Primary stroke centers tailor treatment to individual needs, adhere to national stroke guidelines and continually assess and improve how care is delivered.
Fayette County Hospital, through this partnership with Memorial, offers a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to stroke care with an integrated program that addresses the complete spectrum of care from prevention to rehabilitation. Following stroke care at Memorial, patients can return to Fayette County Hospital to be closer to home for rehabilitation.  
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The community is invited to attend an open house to learn more about the teleneurology services to be provided by Fayette County Hospital through partnership with Memorial Medical Center. The open house will be held on Sunday, June 1,  in the Fayette County Hospital Conference Room from 1-3 p.m.

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