Donations requested for museum organ, pipes, hardwood

The Historical Vandalia Inc. Board of Directors is moving along with the restoration of the second floor of the Fayette County Museum, the old church sanctuary, and is asking the public’s help in enhancing that restoration project.
The goal for that second floor is to treat the front third of the space as a church, the middle third as a museum and the remaining third as an art gallery.
One artifact that has been missing is a pipe organ and pipes, and the museum has been given a pipe organ with a complete set of pipes by the Catholic Church of St. Francisville.
That church has been closed and will be torn down. And while the congregation was small, it does not wish to see their organs and pipes destroyed. Hence, the local museum has been given those items, along with hardwood flooring.
The organ and pipes are up in a balcony and need to be partially taken apart to get them down, loaded in a truck, brought to Vandalia, taken upstairs and put back together. A person knowledgeable in the organ business will be necessary to take it apart and put it back together.
These artifacts were not on the list to be acquired at this time, but the Historical Vandalia Boards feels it is imperative to get those items now, before the church is torn down.
The basic cost for this move is $6,000. The museum does not have the amount at this time, and needs it by May 22.
The board is asking for the community’s help, appreciating any amount they can share for this project. If it does not raise the needed amount, the board will return the donations.
“We feel this is a spectacular opportunity and probably our last for a pipe organ and pipes,” the board said in a press release issued on Tuesday.
Donations may be sent to: Fayette County Museum, 301 W. Main St,, Vandalia, Ill. 62471.

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