Brownstown-Sefton News

The Lady Longhorns…
… are casting coquettish glances and flirtatious tossing of their heads toward neighbor Scott’s pasture, as there are a couple of handsome-looking young male longhorns living there at present.
The Homestead gals have even been heard vocally expressing their interest in the neighboring longhorn boys, sounding an awful like they are saying that they are in the “mooood” for love.
So far, the neighbor boys are behaving like gentlemen, ignoring our wayward girls, and have shown no interest in braving the electric fence to come over to visit, for which we are thankful.
Otherwise, everything is pretty quiet, as all the critters seem to be enjoying these refreshing spring days.
Callie …
… the kitty, is enjoying getting out, but she is staying close to the house.
We were concerned how she would adapt to our move to this end of the lane, as the yard and surrounding area is so different from the woods, but she is adapting all right. She likes to lie under the back porch and does not get very far from the house.
A “Hare-Raising” Story
We have discovered three wild bunnies are hanging around our yard. We do not clean out our fence rows, so the rabbits have a place to hide from coyotes and other predators that would clean out their nests of baby rabbits.
However, we are planning on planting a garden here, where we have a lot of sunlight, so we may have to put a fence around it, in case the rabbits can’t read the “No rabbits allowed” signs.
Watching the sunrise…
… early Monday morning, with my cup of coffee in my hand, and my little dog, Josie, by my side.
When I took Josie out for her early morning walk, the air was so refreshing, a half moon was still visible, and the sky was just beginning to have rose-colored hues in the east, so I grabbed my cup of coffee and returned outside to enjoy every minute of the beautiful event, which was “for free,” and no standing in line or surrounded by a crowd and didn’t have to dress up for the occasion.
I fetched a cushion out of the Jeep, because the bench was a little damp and cold, but Josie started shivering, so I gave it to her. She snuggled up so she was under the edge of my shawl a little bit and was quite content.
The cows were still resting near their haystack and the chicken roost was quiet, so Blackie and Rhonda must have been catching up on their beauty sleep. (Have you ever seen a chicken with wrinkles and/or crow’s feet?)
The little wild birds began their early morning aria in the trees along the lane and we sat there just enjoying the early morning, sights, sounds and scents. Speaking of scents, the skunk that was living by our driveway when we were working and moving here has disappeared.
We feel a little hurt and offended by this, as it seems as if the skunk thought, ‘There goes the neighborhood” when we moved in here.
I do like it here, although I still love the woods. Here, I look out my window onto the green pasture with the cows on it, the trees along the lane, and actually all around us, but they aren’t as close to us as when we lived in the woods.
The Bluebells are Blooming!
Bill went to check on the woods house today (Monday) and brought a beautiful bouquet of bluebells back to me. Bluebells are special to me, because of my memories of my dad bringing them home to my mom when he went mushroom hunting.  
Our thoughts and prayers to …
… the family and friends of Marge Weiss, whose funeral was held Monday in Greenville. Marge was a member of the Golden Years Club and had many friends in the Brownstown area. She lived in Brownstown until she moved to an assisted living facility  in Clinton to  be near her son and family . The family requested memorials be given to the Golden Years Club in Brownstown. Several people from Brownstown and the Golden Years Club attended the funeral.
Coming Events
• Spring Open House-Saturday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Good Old Days Banquet & Catering Hall.
• May 1 and May 5, 6:30 p.m.-The community choir rehearsal for the Memorial Day service to be held at Brownstown Methodist Church.
• UMW Rummage Sale-June 5-6, Brownstown United Methodist Church
• May 26-Memorial Day program at the Veterans Memorial Wall in Brownstown City Park.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Sharon Hasely, Kyler Fulk, Carol Henna, Gavin Schnarre, Wade Voelker, Don Thomas, Zack Fulk, Elmer Feezel and Nicholas Grull.
Little Cousin Aubrey
Comes To Tea
Little Aubrey Fulk floated through the Homestead door looking like the little 4-year-old princess she is, dressed in a pretty pink, fluffy tea-party dress and bright, shiny red slippers on Good Friday morning. She said “Happy Easter” as she handed me a gift bag holding a delightful little owl with light-up eyes.  She brought her grandma, Norma Weaver, with her.
Shortly after, Sally Behrends appeared at the door with a pretty, potted, pink tulip with many blooms. We all enjoyed tea, hot biscuits with marmalade or jam, fresh fruit, and, best of all, slices of Lucille Fisher’s Irish soda bread, (for which I risked friendships and maybe my membership in the Fayette County HCE as I bid for it mercilessly at the HCE auction.)
Aubrey sat at her own little table, drinking her tea from a “crystal” cup and the tea was poured from a ladybug teapot.  She dubbed the little bedroom with the dolls, teddy bears, etc. as her castle.
She enjoyed going with Cousin Bill (also originally known as Papa Bear) to see the chickens, Blackie and Rhonda, and the longhorn cows.  She picked a bouquet of pretty dandelions for me. I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying such a precious bouquet for a long time.
It was a very wonderful “tea party” with the special guests, and something which we hope to repeat again when “little Princess Aubrey” (and Grandma and Sally) have the time.
United Methodist Women Meet
The United Methodist Women met at the Emmanuel Methodist Church for their regular meeting on April 17.  Billy Anna Forbis presented the Easter message. Pianist Bette Stolte accompanied for the ladies group singing.
Carol Severns gave a report on the district meeting she attended on April 15 at Effingham. Fifty-five people were present for with donations from the various units to be taken to the Cunningham Children’s Home and Lessie bates Neighborhood House.
The 2013 achievement awards were presented to units. Brownstown/Emmanuel Unit was presented with three awards.
May 15, at 9:30 a.m., is the date for the units’ annual breakfast. Joan Miller will be the guest speaker. Everyone is asked to wear a spring bonnet, and a prize will be awarded for the best one.
June 5 and 6 was set for the annual rummage sale to be held at the Brownstown United Methodist Church, in conjunction with the village-wide sales. The UMW will use the proceeds for mission donations and local causes.
Those present for the April meeting were Carol Severns, Flo Allen, Billy Anna Forbis, Bette Stolte, and Carol Henna.
The  Brownstown United Methodist Churches…
… began Easter Sunday morning with a sunrise service with prayer, responsive reading and hymns. Followed by breakfast. Their regular services followed at Emmanuel and Brownstown UM churches.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Easter Sunday worship services.  They were greeted and welcomed by Pastor Don Thomas. Judy Watson served as liturgist. Jarin Evans and Wade Voelker lighted the altar candles. Hubert Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers.
Thomas shared the announcements, and recognized the April birthdays and anniversaries. He gave the prayer list and requests, and led in prayer.  
Following the scripture lesson, the morning message was delivered by Thomas.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s worship and the adult class was led by Flo Allen.
An Easter egg hunt was held for the children, with lots of treats and fun.
• May 1 and May 5, at 6:30 p.m.-Community choir practice for the Memorial Day service will be held at UM Church.
• May 11-June 15-Baby Bottle Campaign fundraiser for Lighthouse Pregnancy Center. Fill bottles and return to church on Father’s Day.
• May 15 at 9:30 a.m.-United Methodist Women May Breakfast at the church. Special speaker-shepherdess Joan Miller. Ladies are asked to wear a hat.
First Baptist Church
The congregation of the First Baptist Church was welcomed and led in prayer by their pastor, Dr. Olen Evans. The April birthday of Sharon Hasely was recognized.
Dan Carruthers, Martin Hasley, Tim Donnals and Matt Howard served as ushers.
The praise team of Ann Robertson, Rhonda Howard, Jerry Reed, Ed Wierkert, Deanna Kestner, Tammy Barker, Sara Portz, Maisie Howard, Earl Crothers and Pierce Strobel led in hymns of praise.
Special music was contributed by the praise band and choir.
• Sunday school teacher’s meeting-Sunday at 5:30 p.m.
• Deacons meeting-May 4 at 5:15 p.m.
• Next VBS meeting-May 11, following morning service.
• ”Sisters In Christ” banquet on Friday, May 2, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in fellowship hall. Dinner will be served and Joy Lawson will provide the entertainment. Cost is $5 per person. Sign up in the foyer by Sunday.
• The church is collecting gently used children’s/youth clothes for the Clothes Closet. Let Sara Portz know if you or someone you know has a donation, or put donation in church basement.  

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