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“Sneaky Pete,” the Wily Wolf is back!!!
Sneaky Pete, the wily wolf, is back! Last Tuesday (Jan. 22), early morning, Katy, the black Lab/blue heeler mix, was barking ferociously, which I ignored as I was writing.
When Rhonda and Blackie (hens) began squawking loudly, I went to check and saw the wolf, Sneaky Pete, coming up in the back yard, toward the house, evidently interested in the chickens.
He turned and went back over the little bridge and disappeared into the trees.  Katy kept barking for some minutes, so I think he hung around for a while. As there had been no reported sightings of him and he had not been seen on the Homestead for months, we had become concerned that something had happened to him. Katy will bark at a deer, or sometimes squirrels, but the bark and actions are completely different, not frantic, and she doesn’t paw the dirt.
The next morning, before daylight, Katy again began barking ferociously, digging in the dirt, and looking east into the woods. I sneaked out with my camera, but didn’t see anything. Katy finally quit barking, so whatever it was must have left. I’m not sure that it was the wolf, but the way Katy was barking, I think it probably was.
It has been suggested that someone raised some wolf cubs in the area some years ago, and that “Pete” may be one that escaped or was released. That might account for the fact that he isn’t afraid of us. I really don’t feel afraid of him. (But I am afraid for our chickens and critters.)
It has been for years, and still is, my goal to get a picture of Sneaky Pete. Pete may even actually be a “Patricia.” I  have seen him so many times, but have never had my camera with me.
Others (mature, responsible adults) have said they have also seen him, which I appreciate, because my credibility has bee restored, somewhat.
If you see him, please don’t shoot … unless it is with a camera! (Besides, I think he is a protected species.)
Welcome, Anna and the South Side Kids 4-H group
Anna McNew is the reporter for the new South Side Kids 4-H group, and will contribute to the Brownstown-Sefton news regularly. Her report this month was informative, well-written and concise. We look forward to her monthly contributions.
• Brownstown Sports Boosters’ winter cookout is Friday, Feb. 1, at the high school. Enter through the front door. There will be a fifth- and sixth-grade basketball game after school and a Brownstown versus St.Elmo high school game starting at 6:15. Serving will begin at 5 p.m. The meal includes sandwich, chips, drinks and a homemade dessert.
Choice of sandwich: ribeye-$6; pork burger-$4; hot dog-$2;
Sandwich only-$3; and dot dog only-$1.
• South Side Kids 4-H group will sponsor Fun Olympics for Cloverbud youth on Feb. 2 at 9 a.m. at Brownstown High School
Valentine’s Day/Potluck Club Meetings
An old-fashioned school-days Valentine Box will be present at both of the following events to deposit your exchange Valentine. Bring one signed (optional), and draw one out. Also, if you wish, bring a special valentine from the past to share with others.
• Golden Years Club-Tuesday, Feb. 12, at noon at the Golden Years Club building in Brownstown.
• Sefton Unit HCE, Thursday, Feb. 10, at the Golden Years Building at 11:30 a.m., eat at noon. Bring a Valentine.
Jump Rope for Heart at Brownstown
Since 1989, Brownstown Elementary School has raised more than $44,642.55 for the American Heart Association. The students are now preparing to celebrate the school’s 25th year of Jump Rope for Heart.
The effort is not limited to the elementary students. The staff and students in the District will also have the opportunity to show support for JR4H, by participating in the “Go Red for Women” campaign.
Although the “official” day is Feb. 1, due to Parent-Teacher Conferences, BES has designated Feb. 7 as the day to spread the word that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, taking the life of one in three women each year.
The cooks are planning a special red theme menu for the day, as well. Students and staff are encouraged to wear red on Feb. 7.
South Side Kids …
…is a new 4-H group which had it’s kickoff in September with a hog roast hosted by the Howard family. They currently have about 30 members, who are led by Rhonda Howard.  The group meets the third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of  Brownstown.
Anna McNew, who was elected to be the reporter of the group, sent a report of their activities since September.
In November, the South Side Kids won second place in the 4-H Week window display, which was featured in the Brownstown Branch Library;  They were visited by Janet Wise of the Fayette County Food Pantry. The group decided to donate non-perishable items every month to the food pantry as a group community service project. Their donations: November-cereal; December-peanut butter; January-macaroni and cheese; and February-spaghetti sauce.
On Feb. 2, the South Side Kids will sponsor a Fun Olympics for Cloverbud youth (ages 5-8) at 9 a.m. at Brownstown High School.
Brownstown Elementary holds Spelling Bee
In preparation for the Tri-County Spelling Bee, the Brownstown Elementary grades of fourth, fifth and sixth grades recently held spelling bees to determine the two best spellers from each grade. Winners were: fourth grade-Connor Reeter and Cassi Payne; fifth grade-Bryton Pruett and Makenzie Walk; and sixth grade-Kyzara Hissong and Amber Sarchet.
The winners met last Thursday for the school spelling bee to determine the winner who will go on to compete in the county bee. The winner was fourth-grader Cassi Payne. She will advance to the Tri-County Bee, which will be held at Mulberry Grove on Friday, Feb. 15, at 6:30 p.m. The counties participating are Fayette, Bond and Effingham.
Golden Years Club Plan Valentine Party Potluck
Twenty-three members and guests were present for the Golden Years Town and Country Club potluck dinner and meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the club building in Brownstown.
Vice President Joe Kelly welcomed all present and recognized a first-time visitor, Peg Stuckemeyer. Kelly asked the blessing for the potluck meal, and invited the guests and the January birthday/anniversary people to be served first.
Following the meal, Kelly opened the meeting.
Treasurer Donald Smail gave the financial report, reporting incoming and outgoing funds.
There was some discussion regarding unexplainable call charges on club phone bill when no one has access to telephone.
A discussion was held and the club voted to have a Valentine Box and Valentine exchange at the next meeting. Everyone wishing to participate should bring a Valentine (preferably signed) to put in the box, and each will receive one out during the drawing.  Anyone is also invited to bring a special Valentine from the past to share with others.
Following the business portion, Smail gave a reading, “Grandma’s Apron” and its many uses other than keeping her dress clean. Lucille Fisher said that she remembered her grandma’s apron, stating, “She wore it all the time, and said she felt undressed without one on.” Lucile said that when her grandma went to church, she wore an apron under her dress.
Morgan Pryor sang a song about God’s timing-being here “on time, in time, every time, all the time,” which drew an appreciative round of applause.
Fl Allen read an article, “Dirt Roads,” summing up that in the days of dirt roads, things were better – less crime, less worry, no drive-by shootings and “our values were better when the roads were worse.” The article led to several interesting discussions and memories of the dirt roads of long ago.  
The next meeting will be held Feb. 12, with a noon Valentine potluck and meeting.
Sefton Unit HCE members attend FCHCE sewing day
The Fayette County Home and Community Education recently held a day-long sewing project at the Extension Building in Vandalia.
The project for the day was making tote bags.
Attending from the Sefton Unit were Flo Allen, Phyllis Pryor, and Debbie Swain. Anita Smith of the Vandalia Day Unit also attended.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist gathered for Sunday morning worship. Jarin Evans and Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas gave the greeting, shared the prayer concerns and announcements, and led in prayer. Hubert Williams and Mannie Orr served as ushers, and presented the tithes and offerings.
Flo Allen led the adult classes and Pam Orr led the children’s worship and provided refreshments.
• Feb. 13: Ash Wednesday-beginning of Lent.
• Rural King supports churches. If you purchase anything during the week of Feb. 10-16, turn in your original sales receipt to your church and they can turn it in to Rural King and receive 5 percent of the total.


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