Deadline for McKee loan is May 1

May 1 is the deadline for the interest-free loan funded by the Ella McKee Foundation through First National Bank.
Ella McKee was a Fayette Countian who chose to bequeath a large sum of money to establish an ongoing program whereby qualified young people could obtain a post-high-school education.
The First National Bank of Vandalia was named trustee to create the Ella G. McKee Foundation to invest and reinvest the assets, and disburse the income “solely for educational purposes and no other.”
The foundation account was opened in November 1970, with the first student loan made in December 1971.
Qualified applicants must have been residents of Fayette County for at least four years prior to the date of applying for the financial assistance, and must be without adequate funds or sources to meet the costs of securing a college, university or other form of post-high school education.
This assistance is in the form of an interest-free loan, with only the principal needing to be repaid.
McKee thus has created an opportunity for serious students to broaden their horizons, to develop abilities and to live more fulfilling lives.
Those interested in applying for the Ella McKee loan should contact the First National Bank trust department or call 283-9860.
This application is also available by visiting the bank’s website, Click Trust Services and scroll to the Student Loans, Grants and Scholarships section of the page to find the link for the application.

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