Banks of the Okaw

This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: These siblings, pictured about 55 years ago, all grew up in Vandalia. The girl on the left was an Army wife and now lives in Lebanon, the girl in the center has been a familiar face around Fayette County Hospital and the boy on the right deals in antiques.
Do you know them??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374.
In last week’s Mystery Banks Photo was: Larry Peyton.
Identifying him were: Charlie and Linda Townsend, Jessica Peyton, Dave Peyton, Ed Brown, Glen Doehring, Linda Cohoon, Barbara Akeman and Bernadine Ray.
This week’s Scrambler:  stoneplies nad dracnonsoitie orf stohre si keli gisventin snipene adn tintegg ckab slarlod.
Can you unscramble it??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
Last week’s Scrambler: A good plan, executed right now, is far better than a perfect plan, executed next week.
Unscrambling it were: Larry Cable, Bill Beard, Diana Roe, Larry Henna, Shirley Mattes, Mary Stringer, Cy and Lorene Locke, Eugene and Barbara Milhoan, Wayne and Bonnie Purtilar, Elizabeth and Richard Kasten, Jan Williams, Cathy Haynes, Don and Ellen Willms, Juanita Workman, Lois Jackson, Emma Sue and Don Brugoto, Rick and Judy Bolyard, Andrew Crosswaite, Helen Shelton, the Rev. Casey Jones and Aston Workman.

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