Local NRCS office collects food for local food pantry

As part of its 75th anniversary celebration, the Natural Resources Conservation Service is aiming to collect at least 50,000 pounds of food for food pantries in this country. The local NRCS office is joining in on that effort.
The local NRCS office, located in the U.S. Department of Agriculture building at 301 S. Third St. in Vandalia, is participating in the national “Feds, Farmers and Friends Feed Families” program by collecting foodstuffs for the local food pantry at the CEFS Economic Opportunity Corp. office in Vandalia.
A collection box has been set up by the front door of the local USDA building, and donations of both perishable and non-perishable food items, including produce from local gardens are being accepted.
The city of Vandalia is also accepting donations of non-perishable foods at city hall.
The ongoing food drive is being held by the NRCS as a way of looking back at the establishment of the program in 1935 to benefit the nation’s working lands and help develop what has become the most-productive agricultural system in the world.
For more information about the food drive, contact the local NRCS office at 283-1095, ext. 3.

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