UPDATE- 10 a.m. Tuesday-Electoral Board grants Friedel objection; Goggin leaning toward write-in candidacy

At the conclusion of a Monday hearing, a Fayette County Electoral Board ruled for a second time that Greenville attorney Dan Goggin cannot appear on the November ballot as a Republican candidate for state’s attorney.

In seeking to earn a spot on the ballot as the GOP candidate, Goggin argued that an electoral board illegally met in closed session to deliberate and that there was no open vote on the board’s ruling.

The incumbent state’s attorney, Democrat Steve Friedel contended that if Goggin questioned the legality of the electoral board’s actions, he had 10 days to take the matter to court. Because he did not, the ruling was sent to the State Board of Elections and became a final ruling.

But Goggin said on Tuesday morning that he still wants to be an option for voters in November.

Goggin said mid-moring that he had yet to speak with Randy Pollard, chairman of the Fayette County Republican Central Committee, about whether the party wants to take the matter to court. But, Goggin said, his inclination is to become certified as a write-in candidate.

Becoming a write-in, he said, alleviates the need to wait for a court decision and allows him to proceed with a campaign.

For the complete story, see this week’s issue of The Leader-Union.

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