Ramsey Lions Club’s Community Sale is April 5

On April 5, the community of Ramsey is anticipating in another standing-room-only crowd for the 47th consecutive Ramsey Lions Club Community Sale.

The multi-block auction provides an exciting atmosphere for thousands of sellers, bidders and treasure hunters in up to seven sale rings in Lions Park.

Food and refreshment items are available in Lions Pavilion.Tickets are being sold for $500 in cash prizes.

West Front Street is set aside for vendors who may set up after noon April 4, no need to call ahead. And the community is generally alive with yard and garage sales.

About a dozen area auctioneers make this a professional event.

At least seven auction trucks will be chanting simultaneously throughout the day. Household items kick off at 9 a.m., licensed vehicles at 9:30, lawn and garden at 10:00, also 10 o’clock on farm equipment. Titled vehicles-and everything with wheels-must have a title to be auctioned. Registration fee is $40 per vehicle. Seller must be present.

Lions Club is only involved to get the vehicle auctioned if properly represented.

Farm machinery may be dropped off now, unassisted.

Assisted unloading begins April 1. Miscellaneous items will be received by Lions or helpers during daylight hours April 2-4. Nothing will be accepted after 8 a.m. Sale day.

David Hinton is the sale chairman and can be reached at 618-423-2509 if necessary. Hinton suggests everyone get their free buyer number at the arena building in Lions Park, March 31-April 4 to eliminate standing in a long line Sale morning at the new Lions building. Have a current photo I.D. handy.

About 450 primary farm items were auctioned last year, plus dozens of titled cars, campers and boats, hundreds of lawn and garden items, thousands of posts, hay, exercisers, bikes and a coffin, treasures all.

Due to environmental laws, the sale cannot accept unsalable items or tires, containers with liquid, or mirrors, doors, windows with glass.

Ramsey Lions Club uses its small percentage of proceeds for worthwhile projects to benefit the entire community.

Four blocks of miscellaneous lots are too much for Lions to watch so buyers are urged to guard their consignments and purchases throughout the day.

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