Election is Tuesday

While all Fayette County residents will be helping to select the presidential candidates in November, people in three Fayette County Board districts will be picking nominees for the general election.

The three county board contests are Districts 2, 4 and 5.

In District 2, incumbent Democrat John C. Daniels Jr. is being challenged by Jon A. Phillips. There is no Republican candidate in District 2 at this time.

In District 4, Republicans Brian Kinney and Theodore Ted Miller are competing for the right to advance onto the general election. There is no Democratic candidate in District 4 at this time. Republican Dan Barenfanger is not seeking re-election.

In District 5, Republicans Pete Taylor and Keith Cole are vying for the right to run against Democrat Robert E. Williams in November. The District 5 incumbent, Republican Lee Schaal, is not running for re-election.

Other county board candidates on the ballot on Tuesday include:

District 1 Democrat incumbent Jean B. Finley. There is no Republican candidate at this time.

District 3 Republican incumbent Stephen L. Knebel, who currently serves as the board chairman. There is no Democratic candidate at this time.

District 6 Democrat incumbent Joe E. Kelly and Republican Mont Caraway.

District 7 Republican incumbent Troy L. Pattillo, who was appointed to the board late in 2007, and Green Party candidate Don Crawford. There is no Democratic candidate at this time.

Also on Tuesday, Fayette County residents will pick party nominees for three county offices circuit clerk, coroner and states attorney.

Running for circuit clerk are Democrat Mary Sue Ruot, a long-time clerk in the circuit clerks office, and Republican Nona Beckman, a retired educator. Democrat Marsha Wodtka is not seeking an eighth term in office.

Seeking the coroners office are Republican incumbent Bruce Bowen and Democrat John W. Cearlock, a retired nurse and supervisor with the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Fayette County States Attorney Stephen Friedel, a Democrat, is currently running unopposed in his bid for a third term.

The Tuesday primary also features the election of precinct committeemen. The committeemen candidates on the ballot are:

Avena 1 R, Arthur Stephens; no Democrat on ballot.

Avena 2 R, Bruce H. Albright and Green Party, Don Crawford; no Democrat on ballot.

Bear Grove 1 R, Mark Pyle; no Democrat on ballot.

Bowling Green 1 D, Nelson L. Sarver; R, Carroll W. Beck.

Carson 1 D, Henry Portz; no Republican on ballot.

Hurricane 1 D, Ben O. Davidson; no Republican on ballot.

South Hurricane 1 No one on ballot.

Kaskaskia 1 D, Estelle Davis; R, Mike Daniels.

LaClede 1 No one on ballot.

LaClede 2 No one on ballot.

Lone Grove 1 No one on ballot.

Loudon 1 No one on ballot.

Otego 1 No one on ballot.

Otego 2 D, Bruce W. Hall; R, Michael Black.

Pope 1 No one on ballot.

Ramsey 1 No one on ballot.

Ramsey 2 D, James S. Bolyard; R, Robert J. Thull.

Sefton 1 D, Ronald Howard; R, Mark E. Schaub.

Seminary 1 D, Jon A. Phillips; no Republican on ballot.

Shafter 1 D, Jason Trexler; R, Matthew T. Hall.

Sharon 1 D, Herbert J. Thoman; no Republican on ballot.

Vandalia 1 D, K. Randal Braun; R, Dan Palecek.

Vandalia 2 D, Bode Courtney Scott; R, Chris Mason.

Vandalia 3 R, Shane Depew; no Democrat on ballot.

Vandalia 4 R, Michael J. Hall; no Democrat on ballot.

Vandalia 5 D, Charles E. Ruot; no Democrat on ballot.

Vandalia 6 D, Ken Kessler; R, Randall Chad Feldpouch.

Vandalia 7 D, Brian C. Donnals; R, Harold G. Baumann.

Vandalia 8 D, Maurice Trexler; R, Randy Pollard.

Vandalia 9 D, Dean Lewis; no Republican on ballot.

Wheatland 1 D, Gordon Stine; R, Bradley K. Stein.

Wilberton 1 No one on ballot.

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