Family YMCA of Fayette County moving onto Phase II

Ben Frazier
Family YMCA of Fayette County
Executive Director
Our future is also your future.

In honor of our commitment to our communities that we serve, we are excited to announce that it is time for us to grow. Phase 2 is finally here.
Our Phase 2 brings an additional 18,000 square feet of space to provide a 35,000-square-foot facility for more programs, increase our efficiency and productivity, all while producing a greater community impact through our services.
We will kick off our campaign through this year’s virtual Grand Raffle, and hope to announce the completion of this campaign at next year’s Super Hero-themed Grand Raffle.
The Y is not just a facility and we are not just a gym; we are a community, a place where people meet, friends are made and lives are changed.
If you live within a 40-mile radius of our Y, it is likely that you, your family or friends have been impacted by our organization.
Our 60,000-person per year footprint justifies our mission. It says the communities need us, just as we will need them.
We are not funded by the state, federal government or a taxing body. We are a local non-profit organization that is here, because the communities believe in our mission and support our cause.
Our support comes from our three revenue streams: membership, programs and charitable giving.
We hope that you will be a superhero in this community and help us see this through.
We always have our eye on the future to improve the community through our services and collaborations.
Our service area has incredible potential, and we are committed to delivering a top-notch product far into the future; Phase 2 is just the beginning.
Stay tuned and visit our website for more information and ways that you can be a part of this process to come together as a community, supporting our cause driven organization.