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Frogtown News

Sausage Supper
The annual sausage supper will not be held this year due to COVID. However, they will be selling sausage and ribs.
To order, call one of the following: Tim Brauer 267-6228; John Lotz 553-5585; or St. Peter’s Lutheran Church 349-8321 after noon.
Orders will be taken until Jan. 31. The order pickup date and exact prices have not yet been set. You will be notified at a later date when sausage is ready.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
The pastor was the Rev. Ryan Meyer. Sunday morning worship attendance was: 8 a.m. service, 57; and 10:15 a.m. service, 66. The organist was Kathy Bray. Jeff Wasmuth and Jay Rothe were the attending elders.
In Our Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
Tim Franklin
Aaron Guerrettaz
Charles Harshaw
Pam Molt
Bill Nuxoll
Glenn Simmons
• Baptized on Sunday
Ty Edward Schaal
• Those with long-term health concerns:
Pam Berg Kepley
Jerry Lynch
Bruce Robb
Kay Holaday
Camryn Coughlin
Sue Courson
Ann Dunaway
Maria Oswald
Lisa Pemberton
Andy Dunaway
Tammy Morrison
Doris Wollin
Eleanor Deverick
Betty Riechman
Mark Dunaway
Craig Wolff
Larry Hagen
Max Montgomery
Norman Gehle
Kendra Butts
• Those serving our country and their families
Kristofer Reynolds and family
Daniel Roberts (friend of Logan Lotz)
Reis and Jenn Rubin (grandson of Doris Rubin)
Cherie Kruenegel
Julia Taylor
Violet Borchelt
Kent Clark
Lori Smithson
Bryan Lotz
Zoey Storck
Amanda Bahde
Eric Fortman
Michael Wollin
Jax Daugherty
Stacey Bradford
Mark Dunaway
Doug Schafer
Levi Gullion
Nathan and Jessica Lotz