School Menus

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By The Staff

Monday, Oct. 11 – No school.
Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Pop Tart, cereal, juice and milk.
Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Breakfast burrito, fruit and milk.
Thursday, Oct. 14 – Cereal, toast, fruit and milk.
Friday, Oct. 15 – Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, juice and milk.
Grades K-8
Monday, Oct. 11 – No School.
Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Mini corn dogs (K-1), corn dog (2-8), potato smiles, fruit salad, rice crispie treat, bread and milk. (J.H.) pepperoni hot pocket
Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Breaded chicken patty on bun, baby baked potatoes, vegetable relishes, cherry pastry and milk. (J.H.) chef salad
Thursday, Oct. 14 – Beef taco on tortilla shell, corn, pineapple tidbits, cinnamon churro, bread and milk. (J.H.) burrito
Friday, Oct. 15 – Grilled cheese sandwich, spaghetti o’s (K-1), ravioli (J.H.), conbination salad, apple slices and milk. (J.H.) chef salad
Monday, Oct. 11 – No school.
Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Pepperoni pizza or taco quesadilla, tossed salad, pear half, rice crispie treat, bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Sonic hamburger or grilled chicken/French fries/salad bar)
Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Cheeseburger or fish fillet on bun, French fries, sliced tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, sliced peaches and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Pizza/breadstick, salad bar)
Thursday, Oct. 14 – Breaded chicken patty or pork tenderloin on bun, baby baked poatoes, pasta salad, fresh grapes and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-nachos supreme, breaded queso cheese stix/salad bar).
Friday, Oct. 15 – Hot ham & cheese or Manwich on bun, potato rounds, vegetable relishes, fruit salad and milk.(Sandwich Shoppe-Arby’s roast beef or ham & cheese/curly fries/salad bar).

Monday, Oct. 11 – No school.   
Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Blueberry waffles.
Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Choice of cereal, doughnut.   
Thursday, Oct. 14 – French toast sticks.   
Friday, Oct. 15 – Oatmeal, toast and jelly.
•Milk and juice or fruit offered daily.
Monday, Oct. 11 – No school.    
Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Crispito, Mexican rice, peaches, yogurt and milk.
Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Hot ham on bun, cottage cheese, green beans, fruit and milk.    
Thursday, Oct. 14 – Sausage pizza, lettuce salad, golden corn, oven fried apples and milk.    
Friday, Oct. 15 – Chicken noodle soup or chili w/crackers, carrot sticks, cheese, peanut butter sandwich, peach half and milk.