• When Jim Green attended the annual Methodist Christmas dinner at Emmanuel Church on Saturday evening, along with others from the Brownstown Methodist Church, he had no idea of the surprise that was in store for him.

  • Kay Johnson has been a volunteer at Fayette County Hospital for many years, but was named the gift shop manager in the fall of this year.

  • Peggy Schulze  has always been interested in photography,“even as a kid,” and once studied under a professional photographer who was an understudy for world-renown photographer Ansel Adams.

  • Simon Korte traveled from his homeland of Germany and Jacabo Maria Trabada from his home in Spain to visit the United States.  

  • Last year, Tammy Barker and some local friends saw a need for a closer, more accessible place for some Brownstown residents and friends to do their Christmas and gift shopping.

  • Many will remember the little bakery on the south side of West Gallatin Street, at the spot now occupied by Gallatin Street Grille.

  • Helen Hinshaw, in her early 90s, lives quietly in Ramsey, attending church with a friend when possible and enjoying eating meals with her friends and neighbors at the Ramsey Senior Citizen Center, and tries never to miss a concert or appearance by her favorite group, the FourGiven Quartet.
    “I went with a friend to hear them for the first time several years ago,” and she has been a faithful fan ever since.
    Her parents, both born in Ramsey, were Illinois Casey Hauskins and Dale Hauskins.

  • DeeDee Diveley’s Favorite
    Time of the Year …
    … is now! She has always loved dressing up for Halloween, and recalls that some of her favorite memories of nursing at Fayette County Long Term Care occurred at this time of the year.

  • The Sefton HCE Unit traveled to the Five Feline Hobby Farm in Charleston on a outing during garden harvest time this year.

  • Next week is proclaimed as Illinois Association Home & Community Week, and the Fayette County HCE is observing it by presenting a Noah’s Ark baby quilt to the first baby born to a Fayette County resident during the designated week, or after.
    The Fayette County HCE was organized 66 years ago, on May 18,1948, with about 300 women from Fayette and other counties gathering at the American Legion Home in Vandalia for the event.

  • Pictured here is the Do Drop Inn, a popular restaurant located east of Vandalia Community High School.

    This photo is from a 1969 issue of The Vandalia Leader. The photo was posted on the Vandalia Memories Facebook page by Kathy Schultz, the administrator of that page featuring hundreds of photos from Vandalia's past.

  • Last week’s Fayette Faces told of Jeanne Lawler Hohlt’s school days, up to and including graduation from Vandalia High School with the class of ’47.

  • Continuing on with the VCHS Class of ’47, this week’s focus is on Jeanne (Lawler) Hohlt.

  • Last week, Fayette Faces remembered Norman Wright, one of the 1947 graduates of Vandalia High School who went on to make a difference in their chosen careers.

  • Mildred Schmid was born on Aug. 26, 1913, and is observing her 101th birthday in the rural home that she shares with her son, Eddie.

  • The Sonnemanns of Vandalia opened the doors of Brownstown Lumber Co. in 1909. Warren Bayles began working there as a truck driver, then bought the business in 1934, and built an addition onto the building.

  • As the congregation and Pastor David Hoehler of St. Paul Lutheran Church prepare for the second of three 150th anniversary celebrations, they are pleased to be hearing from former members and pastors who are planning to attend some of the events.

  • As St. Paul Lutheran Church continues to celebrate its 150th anniversary, it will hold an open house on Sunday, Aug. 17, and has invited area historian Linda Hanabarger, to be the program speaker.

  • Betty Burnheimer has lived in her modest, little home for more than 50 years. The house sits on a corner lot that, apparently, is composed of very fertile soil that has supported bountiful harvests of vegetables since Mrs. Burnheimer put out her first garden more than half a century ago.

  • Two rescue helicopters – Arch from St. Louis and AirEvac of Effingham – participated in Saturday’s display of emergency response equipment at the Fayette County Fair in Brownstown.

    Firefighters, First Responders, EMTs and paramedics showed their rescue equipment, and demonstrated vehicle extrication, on-site care of trauma victims and transfers via emergency vehicles.
    When the two helicopters landed, a lady in a wheelchair was seen making her way over the rough terrain of the field to greet them.