• Ricky Cox, the speaker at the fifth Lenten Luncheon last Wednesday at First United Methodist Church, began by expressing thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Lenten Luncheons and complimented the ladies who had prepared the food.

  • Faithful Lenten Luncheon attendees, supporters and friends gathered at the Mother of Dolors Parish Center last Wednesday for the fourth Lenten Luncheon to hear Winifred “Bud” Morrison speak of the wondrous love of God that He has for His children.

    The tables were decorated uniquely and colorfully with dainty spring bouquets, some were refreshingly simple with a freshly harvested carrot, adorned with tiny sprigs of greenery and flowers. 

  • The third Vandalia Ministerial Alliance Lenten Luncheon was hosted by Northside Christian Church last Wednesday, and the faithful Lenten Luncheon followers gathered in the fellowship room to sit at the tables decorated with colorful spring nosegays and bearing Northside’s luncheon trademarks, plates of homemade cookies already placed at intervals within each of all.

  • The second Lenten Luncheon, which was scheduled for  St. James Lutheran Church last Wednesday, was canceled because of the snowy weather conditions.  
    However, the scheduled speaker, 14-year-old Calandra Donley, consented to share the message she had prepared, along with some information about her rather unique and interesting life.
    Meet a very soft-spoken and courteous young girl, who at present is living with her grandparents, Roger and Dorothy Donley,
    Introduction to Calandra

  • The Vandalia Ministerial Alliance’s first Lenten Luncheon of the year was held at First Christian Church in Vandalia, which opened the doors to a faithful gathering that filled the fellowship room to enjoy fellowship, a good lunch prepared by the ladies of the church and an inspiring program.

  • Gleena Sours suffered with weight, bronchitis, chronic sinus and breathing problems to the point that she could hardly walk.

  • Ever since I can remember, when my mother would take me with her in Vandalia’s U.S. Post Office, I have enjoyed and, been interested in, the large mural on the north wall over the postmaster’s door.

  • We had a fun and educational experience this week – we enjoyed eating breakfast with Abe Clymer, Vandalia’s own Abe Lincoln look-alike, completely dressed, from head to toe, in his tall, black stovepipe hat to his black leather shoes that looked like they could have been worn by Abraham Lincoln in his time.

  • Debby Sefton and her husband, Joe, were both born and reared in Fayette County, and have lived in the area until their employment took them to Effingham County.

  • Dee Dee Dively can be described as a “unique and caring person” who, since a young girl, has answered the call to help others. She went to work as a nurse’s aide at the old Mark Greer Hospital in Vandalia before graduating from high school.  

  • Mindy Miller, who was diagnosed with stage two triple negative breast cancer at the age of 34, “ was blessed to be surrounded by family and a community that supported me.”

  • Ruth Heavener’s parents loved to travel, which Ruth, as a child, enjoyed immensely. And she wanted her own child to have the same enjoyment and educational experiences in our beautiful country that she was privileged to have.

  • Last week, the village of Brownstown’s policeman, Caleb Walton, acompanied two Brownstown students, Jayden Wilson and Brian Rabideau, on a shopping trip at the Vandalia Wal-Mart, as participants in the “Shop with a Cop” program.  This was the second year that Brownstown participated in the program. Village Mayor Virginia Wilber assisted Walton with the shopping trip.

  • Following 20 years as missionaries and living in Bolivia, South America, Carol Evaul and her husband, Robert, returned to the United States to establish their children in college.

  • Carol Evaul could be compared to a fine diamond, in that as you move a diamond around in the light, you can see many different and beautiful facets.

  • Volunteer Wietse Schaafsma has been a driver for the Operation OUTING bus for more than six years, and at this time, is the only driver, as the years have taken their toll in health issues, disability, death and other conditions.

  • When a Golden Years Club member met with Diane Pavinato, a representative of the U.S. Pipeline Inc., she explained the Golden Years Club’s  need for a new club building, due to the deterioration of its current home, which was originally the old Pilcher building of early Brownstown days.

  • A new florist has opened its doors in Vandalia, and Drake Thompson is the fifth generation of his family to carry on the tradition of providing flowers for the citizens of Vandalia and surrounding areas.

  • There was a lot of activity in the area of Vandalia’s Rogier Park last weekend. One hundred and one people with 29 Gold Wing motorcycles, the members of the Gold Wing Chapter I-70 Road Riders, gathered to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  

  • The stories on the kiosks for St. Elmo, Brownstown and Vandalia, though briefness was a necessity, seem to get to the heart of each of the towns, both through the text and photographs that compose the panels on the kiosks.