Today's Opinions

  • We all can help in cancer fight

    You may have noticed something different about today’s Leader-Union. Yes, two pages are printed on pink paper.
    We invested in that attention-grabbing paper because we’re observing breast cancer awareness month. And on that paper, we’ve printed a profile of Elloise Black, articles about breast cancer and advertising messages from caring local businesses to bring more attention to defeating this deadly disease.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: This young man, pictured more than 30 years ago, grew up in Vandalia.

  • Newspapers a vital news source

    David Porter

    Illinois Press Association

  • Saying thanks in newspaper week

    Once a year, we at The Leader-Union take a week to step back and consider what we do, and why we do it.
    Well, actually, we think about those things a lot more often than once a year. But this first full week in October, we have a built-in reason to think about them – it’s National Newspaper Week. During this observance, we talk about our mission, and we share with our readers why that mission is important to them.

  • Cemetery Walk features Meditation Garden

    Are you in for a multi-level experience?  This is your weekend!

  • Banks of the Okaw

    In last week’s Mystery Banks Photo was: The 1934 Vandalia Moose Lodge baseball team. Identified players are: Don Satterthwaite (front left) and Joe Crossman (front middle). Other members of the team include: Jim Woods, Robert Klasing, Don Ewart, Fred Stroble, Yale Howell, Joe Pridemore, Bennett Pope and Clarence Taylor.
    Identifying them were: No one.
    This week’s Scrambler:  eht ecsuscs fo heac si nepneddet nupo teh seccuss fo het rheto.

  • The Way We Were

    25 Years Ago

    1988 – Majestic Drapery Fabricators Inc. agreed to purchase Chelsea Enterprises and create 18 new jobs.
    Secretary of State Jim Edgar visited Vandalia and attended the old-fashioned picnic sponsored by the Fayette County Republicans.
    Vandalia’s girls’ tennis team was 12-0.
    The Vandalia golf team won the regional team title, Vandalia’s first since 1938. St. Elmo’s Scott Smith shot a 78 and claimed medalist honors.

    35 Years Ago

  • County board meeting was a 'spectacle'

    I am writing this letter to inform the public about the spectacle that was the Fayette County Board meeting on Sept.10. Fayette County Board Chairman Steve Knebel presided over the meeting with an iron fist in the tradition of Lenin, Stalin or Castro. I am comparing him to these dictators because,  apparently, Knebel does not believe in the right of free speech. When discussion began about the liquor license and many people started talking, Knebel told everyone to be quiet and that everyone would have a chance to speak.