• Support our veterans and our military

    On Nov. 11, Veterans Day will be here.  This day is set aside to recognize our veterans for their service and duty. I ask that on this day that everyone thank every veteran they see. Because of these veterans,  we have a great democracy and keep it secured.

  • Speaker request shows bureaucratic nightmare

    When you are 76 years old and still feel the need to make a difference, it is more difficult to achieve that ambition. I live in a small world with few responsibilities beyond getting out of the fast lane.

  • County board meeting was a 'spectacle'

    I am writing this letter to inform the public about the spectacle that was the Fayette County Board meeting on Sept.10. Fayette County Board Chairman Steve Knebel presided over the meeting with an iron fist in the tradition of Lenin, Stalin or Castro. I am comparing him to these dictators because,  apparently, Knebel does not believe in the right of free speech. When discussion began about the liquor license and many people started talking, Knebel told everyone to be quiet and that everyone would have a chance to speak.

  • Movie theaters are not the place to sell beer and wine

    Listening to the morning news on Sept. 4 and reading The Leader-Union the next day, I saw that the Vandalia City Council had a request for a liquor license for the multi-plex cinema to be built south of Walmart.
    This will be voted on at the council’s next meeting, on Sept. 16 – next Monday.
    I was glad to read that at least two of the city council members questioned this request.

  • Park district responsible for pool, parks

    I am responding to the letter to the editor in the Aug. 29 issue of The Leader-Union.
    That letter was headlined, “Shame on city for allowing our pool, Scout House to deteriorate.” I assume the headline was composed on the content of the writer’s letter, inferring that the Scout House and swimming pool have not been kept up over the years in a timely manner, and “have been let go to die a slow death.”

  • Change school culture

    I read the latest article about the concerns of control of schools need to be at the local level. The state and the federal government continue to exercise control of how education money is spent. Is that really such a bad thing?
    I have respect for Vandalia Community Schools Superintendent Rich Well. He is one of the few people in this city that will return your emails and phone calls. There are elected officials in this town who don’t return emails and answer letters.

  • Shame on city for allowing our pool, Scout House to deteriorate

    I am writing this letter in answer to the debate regarding the Vandalia swimming pool repairs. The park superintendent's plan of "letting it die a slow death" is distressing and disappointing to me.

  • Nuisance law not necessary


  • Remember the basic values that made America great

    If you’re like me, you’re concerned about trends of morality, drug use, political correctness, the family and the honesty of politicians taking place in our country.
    When we forget the beginnings of this nation, it is easy to lose our perspective and our footing, and get far off course.
    Some who are currently in power seem determined to deny the role of Christianity and the Bible in our nation’s beginning, and seem resentful and apologetic regarding America’s greatness and exceptionalism throughout the years.

  • Proposed nuisance ordinance isn't needed in rural areas

    I can’t believe there hasn’t been an outcry against a countywide nuisance ordinance. The proposed ordinance is an assault on our freedom in an already over-regulated United States. It could also be the perfect instrument for a neighbor to harass another neighbor. Who will make the authorities aware of an offense?