• Ambulance coverage needs to be looked at

    As a resident of Fayette County, I would like to address the current ambulance coverage in our county.
    The current coverage appears inadequate and needs evaluated to determine what changes should be made to restore adequate coverage.
    The county boards and city councils within our county (if they are not aware) should take a thorough look at how the current coverage is being provided.

  • Sports provides an economic boost to the community

    Many don’t seem to realize that any type of organized activities, especially sports is critical to the economics of our community, whether it is a youth baseball game, high school sports, car shows, Lincoln Festival and so forth.
    All these activities help to drive tourism, to bring money into this town. And as a community, we (all) need to support these activities. With the dying off of businesses in our state, we have to look for other ways to drive money into this community.

  • Give thanks to veterans for their unselfish service

    November 11 is Veteran’s Day, a day to remember all veterans who have served our country in the military, protecting and defending our great nation.
    If it were not for these veterans, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have.
    So, on this day when you bump into a veteran, please tell him or her, “Thank you for your unselfish service.”
    It takes sacrifice and dedication to serve in the military. These two attributes are why our military members and veterans are the best in the world.

  • Vacant lot could give downtown a boost

    On the matter of what to do with the corner of Fifth and Gallatin streets made vacant by the recent building collapse: I have always been interested in our downtown and still am.
    A drive through the area is a bit disheartening. Yes, all small downtowns have some empty buildings, but I believe that we have too many for our downtown’s size.
    I go downtown quite often and attempt to do business with the downtown merchants when I can. It is time and just might be our chance to give our downtown some much-needed attention.

  • Donors, volunteers made summer lunch program a success

    Another successful year for Summer Lunches for Kids.
    Once again the citizens of Fayette County rallied to meet a need in their community. Thanks to the faithful volunteers and the generosity of so many, we were able to provide more than 5,100 lunches to children in Vandalia, Shobonier, Vera, Ramsey and Brownstown this summer.
    Back in March, we asked for donations to purchase food for the lunches and we were overwhelmed by your generosity. When we asked for jars of peanut butter and jelly, we received enough to make all the sandwiches we needed.

  • Friday is 9/11 – we cannot forget to honor those we lost

    9/11 – We Cannot Forget!
    This Friday, Sept. 11, will make 14 years since the sad and tragic day that our nation had to endure, as a country and as citizens!
    We cannot forget those lives that were taken from us on that day. We need to cherish their lives, as we live on with ours.
    Since that day, more then 6,000 young lives have been sacrificed in the call to duty to protect our nation, and to seek out and destroy those enemies who brought terror to our cities and our people.

  • Operation OUTING drivers badly needed

    Nursing and retirement home residents are largely confined to their facility, which greatly limits their experiences and quality of life. Fortunately, thanks to Operation OUTING, these residents in Vandalia have the opportunity to get OUT to a variety of destinations.
    Free of charge, the bus takes those who would like to go to many places: Evergreen Outreach program at the First United Methodist Church on Mondays, restaurants, baseball games, the zoo and scenic road trips in our area.

  • Alderman explains need for a city administrator

    Since becoming an alderman for the city of Vandalia, I have become part of the long-time search for a city administrator and have been approached by many residents as to why we need one, when the community has functioned just fine without one. I would like to attempt to address this question.
    The administrator is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of the city and also manages the city’s economic development activities. Even for a small community like ours, this is a full-time job.

  • Rail crossing plans not good

    I was asked to attend the special meeting at Vandalia City Hall concerning the railroad crossings, because I live on Sixth Street, which would be affected by the proposal offered to Vandalia.
    Of course, I am opposed to making Sixth Street one way, because I own property on it, but I am also opposed to any street changes that decrease the efficiency of our city and the loss of business and property values by those affected by these street changes.
    When I got to city hall, I was under the impression that we would be offered two plans.

  • Post 95 asks for public's help to keep Legion Hall