• Resident suggests using gaming revenue instead of tax hike

    I want to comment on the Vandalia City Council’s proposal they are considering to put before voters a referendum to increase the local sales tax by one-half of 1 percent.

  • Local support allows Lions to help others

    The Vandalia Lions Club is pleased to announce that the Lions Club International has responded to the needs to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.
    In a letter received from International President Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, it was announced the Lions Club International Foundation responded to the disaster with an Emergency Catastrophe Grant in the amount of $100,000.

  • Flowers a great downtown addition

    The flowers in downtown Vandalia are absolutely beautiful. They add so much to our city streets and are an asset that everyone can enjoy.
    I love seeing them and they instill me with pride. I’m sure visitors will make note of them as they drive through this special town of ours.
    Many, many thanks to those who provided them and to those who care for them.
    Beulah Brown

  • Thefts at cemetery need to be put to a stop

    When I went to the cemetery to put flowers on my fathers’ grave for Father’s Day, the red bird house that had been hanging on a shepherd’s hook was gone.
    I was in shock and tears to think that someone would take the memento that has meant so much to my family, a little wren house that my mom had hung up in the backyard for years. We think the same family of wrens came back to the place where they always felt safe.

  • City is fortunate to have such dedicated workers

    We would like to thank the Vandalia Public Works (street) Department for the timely and excellent manner in which they cleaned up Vandalia following the storm on Sunday, June 18.
    It looked as though it would take months to clear all of the trees and debris, and within less than a week, the work is almost complete.
    Thanks also to the Vandalia Park District employees. The city parks were hit hard, and within a few days the park district’s employees had them look as beautiful as they always do.

  • Funding from state for 911 in jeopardy

    9-1-1 is the backbone of public safety and Illinois’ back is breaking.
    On behalf of the sheriffs, the chiefs of police and all the men and women of public safety in Illinois, we encourage Governor Rauner to approve SB 1839. Without that approval, the system will be unfunded at the close of business June 30.
    It’s unthinkable that someone in Illinois might dial 9-1-1 after June 30 and nobody would be there to take the emergency call.

  • Owners need to pick up after dogs

    Vandalia is lucky enough to have one of the best park systems in the country, and also lucky enough to have a great walking trail.
    The park used to be one great place to play, but, today, I’m glad my kids are older, because our parks are becoming full of dog litter, because some consider it a place to let their dogs relieve themselves and just let it lie.
    Yes, I walk large dogs twice a day in the park, but I also pick up after them.

  • Who are reputable media?


  • Good luck, Vandals

    Two Vandalia teams are in postseason action, one at the first level and one in the second.
    The Vandalia Community High School wrestling team is in Lawrenceville on Saturday, going for its 23rd straight regional title.
    The Vandalia Junior High School eighth-grade boys basketball team defeated Greenville for the IESA Regional title on Tuesday, advancing to the sectional next Wednesday night at Divernon.
    We wish both teams luck as they strive to move forward in postseason play.

  • Challenges to Constitution can be stopped in the booth

    A person does not have to be a pundit on history or politics to know the country is changing. The people were promised “change” eight years ago, and even though the word reeks with ambiguity, it was received with enthusiasm … but not all were enthused. There were concerns, and they have proven to be justified and, as time passes, there are new concerns.