• Millers praise all for celebration

    A big thank you and tip of the cap goes to Cassie Beesley and the entire Bicentennial Celebration committee, city of Vandalia administration, the Vandalia community and the particiants for making the Bicentennial Celebration a huge success.
    Mark and Mary Miller
    Mark II and Brooke File-Miller

  • Voicing opposition to proposed sales tax increase

    A “yes” vote on the school sales tax may sound like a reasonable notion if you thought no further than the here and now.
    It could take some of the burden off property owners, but for how long? Only one school in Fayette County has publically announced that it would lower property taxes if passed by the voters.
    If all districts were on board for lowering property taxes, realistically, could the reduced property taxes last?

  • Cemetery monument finished; ceremony Thursday at 10

    A little over three years ago, I began a project to purchase a stone to mark the graves of 18 people who were placed in unmarked graves when the Vandalia Mausoleum was torn down in 1975. I am happy to report that the stone is now in place and will be dedicated at 10 a.m. this Thursday.

  • Writer supports Brian Stout for Illinois senate seat

    The debate on Thursday evening for the candidates running for office was not always fair.
    Like the one between Brian Stout and Jason Plummer, who are running for state senate.
    Brian was asked to speak first each time. They should have taken turns. Brian should have had the right for a rebuttal, but he did not get to.
    Anyone running for office and to be at a debate should talk about what they hope to do for the area they are running in, not call his opponent names and spread lies, as Plummer did to Stout.

  • Alderman supports half-cent sales tax hike

    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. This phrase holds true today as it did over 200 years ago. Since this phrase was first used, our lifespan has more than doubled, which is good, but Illinois residents pay the second-highest property taxes in the country, which is very bad.
    If you are a homeowner, you know from past tax bills that property taxes are a certainty to keep rising in the future, putting more financial burden on you and your lifestyle.

  • Alum, retired teacher gives thanks for Alumni Weekenda

    Brownstown High School graduate Floyd Jordan (‘54) had always looked forward to his own class reunion. Somewhere in the mid- to late 1970’s, Floyd worked to include all Brownstown Alumni in a school wide reunion.
    With the help of many dedicated volunteers, the Brownstown Alumni Reunion has been a staple for those who have attended Brownstown High School, with graduates returning year after year for the Brownstown Alumni Reunion held in July.

  • Resident suggests using gaming revenue instead of tax hike

    I want to comment on the Vandalia City Council’s proposal they are considering to put before voters a referendum to increase the local sales tax by one-half of 1 percent.

  • Local support allows Lions to help others

    The Vandalia Lions Club is pleased to announce that the Lions Club International has responded to the needs to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.
    In a letter received from International President Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, it was announced the Lions Club International Foundation responded to the disaster with an Emergency Catastrophe Grant in the amount of $100,000.

  • Flowers a great downtown addition

    The flowers in downtown Vandalia are absolutely beautiful. They add so much to our city streets and are an asset that everyone can enjoy.
    I love seeing them and they instill me with pride. I’m sure visitors will make note of them as they drive through this special town of ours.
    Many, many thanks to those who provided them and to those who care for them.
    Beulah Brown

  • Thefts at cemetery need to be put to a stop

    When I went to the cemetery to put flowers on my fathers’ grave for Father’s Day, the red bird house that had been hanging on a shepherd’s hook was gone.
    I was in shock and tears to think that someone would take the memento that has meant so much to my family, a little wren house that my mom had hung up in the backyard for years. We think the same family of wrens came back to the place where they always felt safe.